Deputy Principal/Senior Assistant (Administration & Curriculum)

Deputy Principal/Senior Assistant (Administration & Curriculum)

Faculty/Department: Sekolah Sri UCSI Sdn Bhd (Cheras, Kuala Lumpur)

Campus: Kuala Lumpur

We are committed to providing outstanding education for all in a safe, happy and positive learning environment. This role will be key in further developing our inclusive ethos and practice and ensuring that this underpins everything that we do.

We are looking for a leader with experience and a deep understanding of the areas of inclusion and safeguarding in a primary or secondary school environment to join our team in the post of Senior Assistant / Deputy Principal, including a teaching responsibility. You will be ambitious, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ready to contribute to the school’s continuous improvement and ethos as part of the Management Team, as well as developing as an exceptional senior leader.


  • Support the Principal in the day-to-day management of the School includes Primary and Secondary
  • Communicate the School’s vision compellingly and support the Principal’s strategic leadership
  • Lead by example, focussing on providing excellent education for all students
  • Lead on particular whole-school strategies and policies areas
  • Build positive relationships with members of the school community
  • Be aware of new technologies in education, use and impact to support quality teaching and learning, responding to any developments and initiatives as appropriate
  • Work with the Principal to sustain high expectations and excellent practice in teaching and learning throughout the school
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning as part of responsibilities associated with curriculum development and set targets for improvement
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress and achievement through effective systems of assessment, recording and reporting
  • Supporting subject teachers so that the curriculum is exciting and challenging and meets the needs and interest of our students
  • Take a lead role in ensuring that all students make sound progress from their starting points in terms of their learning, behaviour, attendance and personal well-being
  • Plan, allocate, support and evaluate work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring that there is a clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities
  • Assist with the selection and recruitment of new teaching staff
  • Assist to carry out performance management appraisals and holding staff to account to their performance
  • Assist with the creation and implementation of school policies
  • Assist to develop, review, amend and improve the curriculum mapping across the School
  • Assist in the setting of the school academic calendar
  • Facilitate the learning induction programme for new teachers
  • Construct and deliver the School’s timetable and curriculum plan including staff allocation and setting, monitoring changing demand of staff in different subjects, assigning students to teaching groups, maintaining the timetable during the academic year taking account of staffing and room changes
  • To organise the school and internal examination supervision cover rota
  • To create the duty rota timetable and ensure it is incorporated into the main school timetable system
  • Planning, organising and scheduling, directing and evaluating all school activities including co-curricular activities, extra curricular activities and enrichment programmes
  • Coordinate formative and summative assessments and reporting processes
  • Carry out classroom observation for improvement of learning and teaching
  • Support the Principal in the distribution and monitoring of the School’s budget
  • Coordinate and manage resources of the School strategically including teaching and learning resources, booklists, reading resources, teaching aids, school fixed assts, inventory of items and others
  • Ensure Health & Safety systems and processes are adhered to and manage necessary improvements
  • Attend daily and weekly meetings and lead them as required
  • Plan and deliver assemblies, trips, events and workshops
  • Develop and disseminate any required policies relevant to pastoral care
  • Maintain regular and productive communication with parents about their child’s progress, behaviour and development, including attending after school parent meetings as required
  • Be the figurehead of communication and trust with parents
  • Pro-actively share positive news about the year group, the student and the School with parents and community
  • Ensure parents are happy about and aware of how their child is doing in the school
  • Assist and support implementation of student recruitment plans and to provide accurate information, advice and guidance to prospective parents
  • Complete any additional duties as required by the Principal
  • Take on additional responsibilities which might from time to time be determined according to the needs of the School



  • A Degree in Education or an equivalent
  • At least 5 years of overall experience in Education industry
  • Experience in managerial or leadership role supervising a team of young educators
  • Knowledge in early childhood education will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of child learning methodologies, curriculum development and implementation
  • Good planning and organisation skills
  • Stay calm in difficult situations and maintain clarify of vision
  • Develop plans with concrete outcomes and effective solutions
  • Genuine passion and a belief in the potential of every student
  • Able to lead change
  • Creative, innovative and effective approaches to teaching, learning and asssment
  • Empathy and the ability to understand the needs, aspirations and motivation of diverse individuals and groups
  • Committed to the safeguarding and welfare of all students

Deadline: 31 Jul 2022 | Last Update: 18 Nov 2021

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