Instruments Of The University

The UCSI Coat of Arms

A defining emblem that will stand forever.

From time immemorial, the coat of arms has stood out as the highest visual symbol of prestige and authority. From its early origins as shield insignia in the field of battle, the coat of arms took on emblematic and aristocratic undertones, weaving its way into British and European tradition – one that is now reserved strictly for states, governments, armed forces, nobility and the very best social institutions.

Today, UCSI University join this elite circle. The College of Arms in London has granted UCSI its own unique coat of arms – a fitting conferment in conjunction with UCSI's 30th anniversary.

The Design of the Coat of Arms
Devised and sanctioned by the Garter and Clarenceux King of Arms, UCSI's heraldic design bears the trademark of the College of Arms — a knight’s helmet facing west. The other focal elements of the Arms, namely, the Crest; the Arms, or rather, the shield; and the Motto, are steep in meaning.

The colour schematic has much significance. As one of Malaysia's first private universities, UCSI wanted its Arms to depict a strong sense of national identity. After much consideration, the colours of the Jalur Gemilang were chosen. These colours strongly resonate with UCSI’s founding values. Red represents audacity, white signifies integrity, blue portrays tenacity and yellow, excellence. These values have propelled UCSI's growth for the past 30 years and their continued adoption will pave the way for the future as the University realises the potential in every student that walks through its gates.

The Crest
The UCSI crest consists of an eagle with its legs and wings extended. The eagle is clutching a ribboned scroll in one of its talons, perched on seven wave crests. This symbolises the pursuit and attainment of knowledge - the power of education that takes one to greater heights. The seven wave crests depict the seven seas - a term long used to depict all the oceans in the world. This signifies the far-reaching influence a knowledgeable person can wield, not just in his or her country, but around the world.

Delving deeper, the selection of an eagle is significant in many ways. To start, an eagle's vision and focus are second to none. Fearless and tenacious, eagles effortlessly soar and glide at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, setting them apart from other birds. Most importantly, eagles protect and nurture their young. Like an eagle, UCSI has realised the potential for thousands of students who hail from more than 80 countries. The University has improved real life chances for thousands of students and many have gone on to make their mark in the international arena.

Above all, the eagle was chosen to remind the UCSI community that those who aspire and dare greatly will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

The Arms
The UCSI shield contains three unique ‘charges’ and a golden chevron. The first is an open book that signifies knowledge. Its parallel ‘charge’ is a roll of papyrus that portrays a reverence for God — a trait that sparks the beginning of wisdom. These two ‘charges’ are designed to go hand-in-hand. A knowledgeable person may accomplish much but without wisdom and principles to stand on, he or she cannot be a conscientious global citizen. It is UCSI’s deep desire to see its students giving back to society, empowering others in the same way they were once empowered.

The last 'charge' shows a gear wheel and clasped hands. These symbols underscore UCSI's standing as a praxis® university that is committed to the application of and practice of knowledge. They also emphasise UCSI's abiding ties with the industry. The gloved hand in the foreground is purposed to be the University and its research endeavours, while the other denotes a multitude of industry partners. By working together, the two achieve progress, moving forward as one.

Lastly, the golden chevron is a symbol of protection - a reinforcing reminder of UCSI's core values. Its upward design - resembling an arrowhead - also signifies UCSI's commitment to continuous improvement.

The Motto
The UCSI motto 'Collatis viribus' is the Latin equivalent of 'With one united force' or 'Sedaya upaya'. This aptly sums up the UCSI ethos to actively engage all stakeholders in government, the industry and society to achieve the common good. It also exemplifies the spirit of the University - one that brings students and academics together in the shared initiative to go beyond, to be profound and to make a difference.

The new coat of arms was incorporated as an official UCSI University instrument during the 29th convocation ceremony on 31 July 2016. It replaces the old coat of arms that may be seen here.

The UCSI University Mace

The golden globe of UCSI University's mace is wrought in 24K gold to represent the international quality of the education offered by UCSI University.

The "wings" holding the globe symbolises students from all over the world united in pursuing one common objective: Quality Education.

The two petal-like layers of pewter - an outer layer engraved with a black floral motif over an inner layer - and four rings just below the base of the "wings" signify the many challenging steps that students undergo before they successfully complete their education.

The Chancellor's Chair

The Chancellor's Chair embodies motifs and themes that represent the overall guiding philosophy of UCSI University: unity, community, scholarship, and integrity. These values are etched into every curve and fine details of its intricate carvings.

The chair highlights the sovereign nature of the office of the Chancellor, signifying the passion and the power of the Office while simultaneously symbolising the stature embodied in UCSI University: majesty, bravery, sacrifice and innovation.

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