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Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement (PICE) UCSI



The objective of PRAXIS is to produce graduates with the knowledge base and experience in fundamental industrial practices and the underlying forces that make them work so that they are well prepared to join the workforce upon graduation.

  • To ensure students can obtain sustainable internship opportunities;
  • To encourage and promote the participation of experienced industry staff in the teaching and learning activities of the schools through industry visits and dialogues with industry leaders;
  • To establish opportunities for university staff to gain “practicing experience” in the relevant industries, in order to update and upgrade their knowledge for improving their teaching capability.
  • To assist the faculty to ensure the curriculum is consistent and relevant with the needs of the industry;
  • To increase the employment prospects as well as the employability of the students, by establishing entrepreneurship programmes with relevant industries.


Industry Engagement
  • To develop successful strategic partnerships with industry to promote research and innovation activities;
  • To intensify collaborative research between the university and industry;
  • To intensify consultancy activities of the university with relevant industries;
  • To identify the research gap between what the university has done and what is needed by the industry and vice versa;
  • To facilitate opportunities for academic staff to familiarise themselves with new R & D trends and technologies, including industry’s best practices at the relevant sectors;
  • To develop and offer specialized and customized training programmes to the industry,
  • To assist faculty with obtaining sponsorships, gifts, and endowments.


Community Engagement
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the concept and practice of community engagement amongst the staff and students of the university;
  • Identify community problems and issues and provide solutions through engagement with the community;
  • Develop best practices in community engagement;
  • Strategise, implement, monitor and review programmes/projects/activities/flagships that focus on engagement with the community towards national development;
  • Partner the community in community-based research and projects;
  • Establish community engagement innovations and initiatives that drive socio-economic transformation;
  • Organise student civic engagements with the community;
  • Produce materials, including virtual online materials, to engage the community.

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