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The Centre for Languages is created to support the language teaching needs of UCSI University. Currently, the Centre offers primarily English Language Courses, which are designed to equip university bound students with the language skills needed for academic programmes. It also offers intensive English language programmes to international students and learners who choose to improve their language skills while travelling in Malaysia. Increasingly, the Centre is called upon to help prepare in-service teachers and company workers in their pursuit of speaking and writing better English. Our learners come from all over the world. It is envisioned that more language courses such as Mandarin, Malay, Japanese and Korean will be created to meet students’ learning needs in the near future.

All our classes for UCSI University students are conducted at UCSI University’s campuses in Malaysia, and other language classes are conducted as and where the sponsoring agents prefer.

Our Vision

To be a preferred language centre for language learners from all over the world.

Our Mission

To impact language learners with lessons that are fun, empowering and which are applicable to their academic and life’s pursuits.

Our Teaching Approach

Hello language learners!

As a language learner myself, I like to have fun when learning a new language and I need teachers who are empowering and helpful. I and my team of dedicated teachers and administrators aim to do the same when we teach and learn at the Centre of Languages.

Enjoying learning a language means enjoying learning with others from around the world. Enjoying also means learning with specialist teachers who understand how to make language learning focused and rewarding. Our teachers are all experienced Language Teaching graduates, some of them are native speakers while some understand what you are going through, being second language learners themselves. Their resumes are available on the web.

We provide different ways of language learning and currently we offer the English for Tertiary Education (R/KJP/00920), IELTS preparation courses, Holiday English Programmes as well as in-service staff training of teachers and workers. We help each and every one of our learners to build English language skills in a fun and rewarding way. For students who wish to learn other foreign languages, we hope to be able to introduce more language classes in the near future – please stay tuned.

I look forward to welcoming you to our classes.

Margaret Soo
Centre for Languages
UCSI University