AP International Kuala Lumpur

Step 1: Register Online
The Online Registration Form is to be completed and acknowledged by applicants. To register, click here. Prior to registering, you are advised to check on your eligibility status with the University counsellors. 

Kindly upload the softcopies of the following documents:
Academic Qualifications (PDF format)
Academic transcripts and completion certificate
In the event that these documents are not published in English, applicants are to provide copies of the original and official English-translated versions
Transfer students from other institutions
If applicants are seeking credit exemptions, additional documents like the final transcripts, programme syllabus and portfolio (if any) are required.
For Postgraduate Applications, kindly include:
Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
A 2-3 page essay (i.e. your personal statement) in relation to:
Your goals and objectives
How this programme will meet or enhance those objectives

Passport copy (Multipage PDF format)
Passport validity must not be less than 18 months from the date of admission/submission to the university.
All pages of the passport – including the cover pages – are required (in colour).
Kindly make sure that the page numbers of the passport are clearly visible.