Assistant Professor Nur Mashita Binti Kamalun Ariffin

Assistant Professor | Department of Arts and Design

Academic Qualifications

MA Design Technology
BA (Hons) Art and Design (Fashion)

Areas of Interest
Fashion Design
Fashion Manufacture
Additional Profiles

  • Senior Designer for MUSULMAN Sdn. Bhd., a local fashion brand.
  • On-line business, self-labelling for Muslimah’s every day wear.

Current Research Project

  1. UPCYCLE FASHION PRACTICE TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE GARMENT INDUSTRY IN MALAYSIA (PHD)- Brief Summary: -To explore the procedures encompassing the ideology of sustainable approaches in fashion design, namely upcycling, zero-waste design and the use of low impact materials.
    Status: Year 2021 (On-going)
  2. Application of Traditional Graphic Elements of Old Shanghai Calendar onto Souvenir Items - Brief summary: This study explores the application of old Shanghai calendar graphic elements on designed products with a combination of Western and Chinese influences. The purpose of the study is to make old Shanghai calendar elements reappear in a new visual charms to attarct younger to appreciate its uniqueness.
    Status: Year 2021 (On-going)
  3. Influence of Peranakan Legacy on Handbag Surface Decoration For Enhancing Perchase Intention of Malaysian Consumers Towards Local Brand - Brief summary: This study explores the possibie influence of Peranakan Legacy on Handbag Surface Decoration. Quantitative research will be used to collect data from potentail customers in Klang Valley area.
    Status: Year 2021 (On-going)


  1. Art, Culture & Heritage fro Societal Wellbeing: Developing Transformational Strategies - 15th & 16th Dec 2021, Online Platform, UITM