Despatch Cum Administrative Assistant, Group Finance Office

Despatch cum Administrative Assistant, Group Finance Office

Faculty/Department: Group Finance Office
Campus: Kuala Lumpur

  • To carry out all despatch needs of UCSI Group.
  • To make payment of all bills of UCSI Group.
  • To take care of the vehicle entrusted to you and petrol claim must be supported with original receipts.
  • To frank letters and arrange for posting.
  • To report and return the vehicle back to the campus every day.
  • To return all documents back to office and do not keep documents overnight.
  • To perform simple administrative task in the office which include filing, packing and transporting of files/documents for storage.
  • To be responsible by keeping information strictly confidential.
  • To work flexibly as part of a team and participate fully in the development of the Unit.
  • To perform all other duties that may be assigned to you by your supervisor from time to time.

  • Minimum 4 years working experience.
  • Pro-active and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as participate within the team.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, possess a mature attitude and a good team player

Deadline: 30-Apr-2021
Last Update: 01-Jan-2021