Manager Of Praxis, Industry And Community Engagement (PICE) - CERVIE

Manager of Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement (PICE) - CERVIE

Faculty/Department: CERVIE

Campus: Kuala Lumpur


The position involves supporting the Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement office (PICE) in planning, strategies, administration, and management. Details are listed in the Duties and Responsibilities section.

  • You will assist the entire operation of the PICE office, including monitoring of linkages actvities, industry and consultation grants, community engagement projects and administrative matters.
  • You will collaborate with the Heads of PICE of all faculties/institutes/schools to achieve operational goals.
  • You will assist to promote and enhance visibility through information dissemination, programs and activities with industry partners
  • You will assist in MoU/MoA/RA and Intellectual Property of the university with efficient identification and protection of IP in line with university regulations
  • You will assist to coordinate the involvement of academic staff in consultancy, innovation and commercialization of research activities
  • You will assist in developing new collaborative projects arising from academic-industry engagements
  • You will assist the faculties/institutes/schools in marketing and PR activities/ strategies.
  • You will assist in compilation and analysis of MyRA for UCSI University.
  • You will perform any relevant duties which may be given to you by your supervisor from time to time.


  • Experienced in developing and executing plans strategic action plans for the innovation and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Related Academic and Research Qualifications.
  • Minimum two years of teaching and/or research experience.
  • Excellent management and administrative skills.
  • Experienced in developing a thriving university community that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation of research
  • Pro-active and self motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as participate within the team.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, possess a mature attitude and a good team player.
  • Strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and abilities.

Deadline: 10 Jul 2022 | Last Update: 10 Jun 2022