Marketing Communication Executive

Marketing Communication Executive

Faculty/Department: Student Enrolment Centre

Campus: Kuala Lumpur


  1. Assist in planning of marketing communication strategies to meet our priorities in ensuring the brand positioning of our products and services. 
  2. Help develop marketing plans, advertising, direct marketing and campaigns.  
  3. Communication between various departments to ensure smooth workflow and coordination across internal departments and external parties.
  4. Arrange the effective distribution of marketing materials. 
  5. Work closely with in-house creative team to design marketing materials such as brochures and adverts.  
  6. Assist in all projects where relevant within the marketing department.
  7. Able to perform well under pressure to complete ad-hoc tasks requested by superiors. 


  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, Marketing or equivalent.
  2. Fluent in English and Chinese, both spoken and written.
  3. Interpersonal skills: Team player, outspoken, creative, reliable, and dependable.
  4. Able to work independently and great communication skills. 
  5. At least 2-3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

Deadline: 31 Oct 2023 | Last Update: 10 Nov 2021

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