Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Campus: Springhill


  • You shall be reporting to the Head of Science Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who will assign you your duties.
  • You shall work with the Head of Science Laboratory in the planning and efficient running of all laboratory classes.
  • You shall work in consultation with all lecturers in charge of practical classes you are assigned to prepare and to assist the lecturers during practical classes.
  • You shall maintain and upkeep the laboratories assigned to you.
  • You shall prepare and make ready all materials needed for laboratory classes assigned to you.
  • You shall order and maintain stocks of chemicals, glassware, apparatus and equipment.
  • You shall maintenance of lab equipments and overseeing all occupational health and safety requirements.
  • You shall involve in organize research workshop or seminar.
  • You shall prepare SOP for the routine experiment and research and equipment use.
  • You shall conduct trial experiments and some basic research experiment.
  • You shall demonstrate experimental techniques and operation of equipment to the students.
  • You shall supervise the Laboratory Assistants in their work.
  • You shall supervise scholarship students in washing of glassware and general maintenance of the laboratories.
  • You shall assist your faculty members with some administrative task if required.
  • You shall stay after hours if necessary. This shall be compensated in the form of leave should you be required to work more than 4 hours consecutively.
  • You shall help out in invigilation duties during trial exams and actual exams.
  • You shall perform all other duties that may be assigned to you by your supervisor from time to time


  • Minimum degree holder.
  • Minimum 1-2 years working experience in laboratory.
  • Pro-active and self-motivated, with the ability to work independently as well as participate within the team.
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, possess a mature attitude and a good team player.
  • Strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and abilities.

Deadline: 30 Jun 2022 | Last Update: 11 May 2022

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