Professor Dr. Kurunathan A/L Ratnavelu

Research Impact:

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Professor Dr. Kurunathan A/L Ratnavelu, FASc


Academic Qualifications


Areas of Interest
Complex & Social Network Analysis
Optimal Theory
Theoretical Atomic Collision Processes

Current research project

  1. Sentiment Analysis (University of Malaya IIRG grant 2019-2021)
  2. Mathematical & Statistical Modelling of Complex Network Systems (2017-2020)



Selected Journal Articles

  1. Recommended Positron Scattering Cross Sections for Atomic Systems, Ratnavelu, Kuru; Brunger, Michael J.; Buckman, Stephen J. (2019), JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL REFERENCE DATA   Volume: 48   Issue: 2     Article Number: 023102  
  2. Hu, Chuan; Kumar, Sameer; Huang, Jiao & Ratnavelu K (2019) The predictors of users' satisfaction in an anonymous environment: the role of the negative true self, BEHAVIOUR & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY   
  3. Kalpana, M.; Ratnavelu, K.; Balasubramaniam, P., (2019) An audio encryption based on synchronization of robust BAM FCNNs with time delays, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS   Volume: 78   Issue: 5   Pages: 5969-5988  
  4. Balasubramaniam, P.; Saravanakumar, S.; Ratnavelu, K. (2019), Study a class of Hilfer fractional stochastic integrodifferential equations with Poisson jumps,STOCHASTIC ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS   Volume: 36   Issue: 6   Pages: 1021-1036   Published: NOV 2 2018
  5. Kalpana M, Ratnavelu K, Balasubramaniam P and Kamali M. Z. M. (2018), Synchronization of Chaotic-Type Delayed Neural Networks and its Application, Nonlinear Dynamics, Vol 93(2), pgs 543-555  // (online)
  6. Ali YEM, Kwa KH, Ratnavelu K, (2017), Predicting new drug indications from network analysis, International Journal of Modern Physics C, 28(9), 1750118. (ISI journal.