Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor/Lecturer In Logistics

Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor/Lecturer in Logistics

Faculty/Department: Faculty of Business and Management

Campus: Kuala Lumpur

The Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) is one of the largest faculties in UCSI University. At FBM, we seek to promote interdisciplinary approaches – a strategy that has contributed immensely to many of our students’ achievements. As part of the Faculty's philosophy in effecting positive change through transformative education, our programmes are diversified to cultivate an authentic learning environment. Be it our Master in Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration (BBA) as well as other business management courses and the accounting courses, they are fused with innovative teaching and learning practices with strategic partnerships and research.


  • To perform relevant administrative tasks as and when required.
  • To prepare teaching and learning materials in accordance with the course content and additional materials necessary for delivery and discussion.
  • To prepare and grade assessments as stipulated in each offered course.
  • To counsel students pertaining to their academic and career.
  • To conduct public seminars on contemporary issues when necessary.
  • To take part in major public exhibitions, open days and road shows when required.
  • To actively involved in research.


  • Applicant must possess PhD or at least Master degree in Logistics or any related field.
  • Applicant must have at least 5 years of working experience in the related field.
  • Have great interest in research and publication.
  • Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills and abilities.

Deadline: 31 Aug 2024 | Last Update: 31 Aug 2023

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