Bachelor Of Arts (Hons) In Interior Architecture

January and July
Course Duration
4 Years
Course Location
Course Mode

Programmes offered at the Bangladesh Branch Campus are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and have obtained its Accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in Malaysia.


This course is fully accredited by the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM). Through a variety of electives, you will gain pertinent insights into a range of interior design practices, which include exhibition design, furniture design, set and lighting design, and advertising and promotion.... You will have the opportunity to experience design and architecture first-hand through the School’s unique ‘Experiencing Culture’ course. You will also be encouraged to take part in live community projects and learn how to design to satisfy the needs of clients and to engage with cultural and societal aspirations.

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About the Programme

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interior Architecture offered at UCSI University is a full time 3.5 year fully accredited degree programme governed by the Council of Architectural Accreditation & Education of Malaysia (CAAEM). The programme gears its students towards the future of being thinkers rather than just doers; ‘think-and-do-tanks’ that addresses human needs on a variety of scales. This will enable students to engage with current public expectations of interior architecture practice with the adaptive and increasingly complex and ever changing demands of design and current trends from the industry.

Various electives courses are introduced in the degree programme where interior architecture and environmental skills are developed through lecture, studio presentations and workshop based projects. Theoretical and technological studies offered in the elective programme explore the use and experience of interiors in various ways.

Elective/Option courses are introduced in the degree programme in order for students to obtain exposure in a selected field of interest :

  • Concept Design
  • Digital Architecture
  • Set & Exhibit Design
  • Furniture Design & Workshop
  • Advertising and Promotion for Designers
  • Experiencing Culture

Courses Offered

  • Interior Architecture Design 1
  • Design Communication 1
  • Interior Architecture Technology 1
  • Interior Architecture History 1
  • Professional Communication
  • Interior Architecture Design 2
  • Design Communication 2
  • Interior Architecture Technology 2
  • Interior Architecture History 2
  • Architectural Digital Media 1

  • Interior Architecture Design 3
  • Interior Architecture Technology 3
  • Interior Architecture History 3 
  • Architectural Digital Media 2
  • Communication & Visualisation
  • Minor 1**
  • Interior Architecture Design 4
  • Interior Architecture Technology 4
  • Theories of Interior Architecture
  • Interior Architecture Management
  • Minor 2**

  • Interior Architecture Design 5
  • Interior Architecture Practice
  • Design Report
  • Building Science 1
  • Minor 3**
  • 6-month Professional Interior Internship

  • Interior Architecture Design 6
  • Interior Architecture Contract & Law
  • Building Science 2
  • Minor 4**
  • Minor: Concept Design & Visual Arts 1 
  • Minor: Concept Design & Visual Arts 2
  • Minor: Furniture Design Workshop 1
  • Minor: Furniture Design Workshop 2
  • Minor: Experiencing Culture 1
  • Minor: Experiencing Culture 2
  • Minor: Advertising & Promotion 1
  • Minor: Advertising & Promotion 2
General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students.
  1. Philosophy and Contemporary Issues
  2. Communication in Bahasa Melayu 3
    (Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 3)

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be able to gain professional working experience in:

  • Interior Design & Architectural Firm
  • Developer Firm
  • Film and Television Organisation
  • Construction Firm

Graduates may also venture into other fields of expertise, such as:

  • Interior Architect/Designer/Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Environmental & Theme Park Design
  • Residential Design
  • Hospitality & Healthcare Design
  • Technical Assistant / Draftsperson
  • Site Supervisor
  • Lighting & Furniture Design
  • Retail & Commercial Design
  • Stage, Set & Exhibit Design

Opportunities also exist in support areas including:

  • Building Product Marketing & Promotion
  • Building Industry Resource-Supplier
  • Facilities Management & Development
  • 3-D Visualiser


Approximate Total Fees:

BDT 1,245,000

All information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI University reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.


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