Doctor Of Philosophy In Mathematical Sciences

January, May and September
Course Duration
Minimum 3 Years (Full time mode) or 4 Years (Part time mode)
Course Location
Kuala Lumpur
Course Mode
Full-Time or Part-Time
Approval Code
(N/461/8/0031) (11/2027)
Accreditation Code
MQA/PA 13965


This research programme aims to prepare graduates with in-depth and advanced knowledge within their specific areas of Mathematical Sciences. It also aims to inculcate in students a systematic and ethical approach in conducting research in specialised areas..., thereby paving the way for the students to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge and practice.

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About the Programme

Programme Highlights

  1. UCSI University is one of the few private universities offering this programme.
  2. Pathway for existing Master of Actuarial Management (Structure B & C) students in UCSI University to further their studies at the doctoral level in the area of Mathematical Sciences.
  3. Many postgraduate degree holders in Mathematical Sciences are needed to fulfill human resources requirement in STEM (M stands for Mathematics) (MOE,2013). This programme can fill in this gap.
  4. Courses are taught by experienced researchers with PhD qualification.

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements

i. A Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences or other related areas that is accepted by the UCSI University Senate; or
ii. Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences or other related areas that is accepted by the UCSI University Senate.


i. UCSI University can accept candidates with excellent Bachelor’s degree (Level 6, MQF) for direct admission to the Doctoral programme (by research) (Level 8, MQF) with the following conditions:
  • Obtained first class bachelor’s degree or equivalent; or
  • Obtained Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) with at least 3.67 or equivalent from academic programme or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme; and
  • Rigorous internal assessment by UCSI University; and
  • Approved by UCSI University’s Senate and admitted as a candidate for Doctoral programme (Level 8, MQF). Student must demonstrate appropriate progress during the candidature period.
ii. Candidate with Bachelor’s degree who are registered for Master’s degree programmes may apply to convert their candidacy to the Doctoral Degree programmes within one (1) year after Master’s degree registration, subjected to:
  • Having shown competency and capability in conducting research at Doctoral degree level
  • Rigorous internal evaluation by the UCSI University.
  • Approved by the UCSI University Senate.

The requirement to pass Mathematics and English at SPM level in the first and second items can be waived should the qualifications contain Mathematics and English subjects with equivalent/higher achievement.

English Language Requirements

For International Students
Band 5.0
Cambridge English Qualification and Test
Pearson Test of English
Band 3

Courses Offered

Semester 1
  • Advanced Research Methods in Mathematical Sciences
Semester 2 to 9
  • PhD Thesis

Career Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Risk Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • University Lecturer
  • Mathematician,
  • Statistician
  • Researcher in Business and Industry

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, student will be able to:

PLO 1.  Demonstrate comprehensive, systematic, integrated, complex and abstract ideas of current critical issues in the most advanced frontiers of knowledge in the Mathematical Sciences field. (MQF1)

PLO 2.  Critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise new, complex and abstract ideas and current issues in the most advanced frontiers of knowledge of a field of Mathematical Sciences and refine existing concepts and practices. Make substantial contribution through the creation of new knowledge, theories, solutions and practice through originality and independent research, which satisfies peer reviews and international standards. (MQF2)

PLO 3.  Demonstrate mastery of practical, technical skills or practices and scientific skills which is at the forefront of one or more areas of specialisation and demonstrate ability to design and implement or adapt highly advanced, specialised research methodologies which is at the forefront of one or more area of specialisation. (MQF3 i)

PLO 4.  Convey information, insights, ideas, problems and communicate effectively research findings to peers, scholarly communities and society at large in the Mathematical Sciences field of expertise (MQF3 ii)

PLO 5.  Use, select or improve existing or develop new appropriate tools or methodologies to support and enhance research activities. (MQF3 iii)

PLO 6.  Work with substantial autonomy, independence, and authority in the conduct and management of research and resources, which contribute to new knowledge, advanced practices, processes and products. (MQF3 iv)

PLO 7.  Take full responsibility for own work and where relevant be accountable for overall management of one’s research organization. (MQF4)

PLO 8.  Demonstrate adherence to legal, professional and ethically sound codes of practice. (MQF5)

Tuition Fees

Local Students

Approximate Total Fees:

RM 49,800

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International Students

Approximate Total Fees:

RM 65,260

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All information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI University reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.


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