Foundation In Science (Medical Sciences)

Approval Code R2/010/3/0193; 01/2024(KL) | R/010/3/0196; 04/2024 (Kuching)
Accreditation Code A9776(KL) | MQA/A9780(Kuching)
Classification Foundation
Subject Area Science (Medical Sciences)
Course Mode Full-time
Course Duration 1 Year / 3 Semesters (14 weeks per semester, no short semester)
Course Location Kuala Lumpur , Kuching
Intakes January, May and September

The healthcare sector is best placed to benefit from the merging of physical, digital and biological systems brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but it is also the least well-prepared. The new generation of healthcare providers need to navigate an altogether new landscape – get that head start at Foundation in Science (Medical Sciences).

In addition to acquiring a strong foundation in STEM subjects, you will also receive an early exposure to medical sciences, specially tailored to ease you into the intensive medical science degree (medicine, nursing or optometry) of your choosing.

Our notable and experienced teaching faculty of both professors and healthcare practitioners will impart knowledge and skills required for understanding and responding effectively to each patient as an individual and not merely based on symptoms – a vital trait for healthcare providers.

You will also be exposed to medical terminology, as well as therapeutic and diagnostic interventions, professionalism, legal/ethical issues, communication skills, and leadership roles to prepare you in functioning safely and efficiently within the medical community.

You want to be a part of the noble profession of healing and caring for others – Let us show you the way.


Vary from course to course including:

  • Written exams
  • Project-based coursework

Coursework percentage: 50%, written examination percentage: 50% (percentage may vary from course to course).

Foundation in Science (For entry into Medicine)
Academic Requirements
SPM / O-Level
5 credits with Bs for Mathematics/Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and one more subject (Pharmacy programme – SPM: Bahasa Malaysia & English – Minimum C is required)
Other qualifications deemed equivalent to SPM/O-Level by Malaysian Qualifications Agency
Overall average of 65% (including individual scores of 65% in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics)

*Subject to acceptance by professional bodies (Malaysian Medical Council and Malaysian Pharmacy Board)


Kuala Lumpur Campus

Core Subjects

  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry II
  • General Biology I
  • General Biology II
  • General Physics I
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Algebra and Trigonometry 
  • Calculus 
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Introduction to Business
  • Computing Essentials

Special Focus On

  • Soft Skills for Healthcare Professionals
  • Introduction to Medical Sciences
  • one other elective of the student’s choice

Bachelor Degrees

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)
  • Other related degree programmes

Sarawak Campus

Lab Subjects

  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry II
  • General Biology I
  • General Biology II
  • General Physics I

Non-lab Subjects

  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Introduction to Probability & Statistics
  • Introduction to Business
  • Computing Studies

Elective Courses

Students are required to take 3 elective courses below during their Foundation Studies:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Smart Learning Technology
  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • Introduction to Logistics & Supply Chain Management