Senior E-wallet Developer

Senior E-wallet Developer

Faculty/Department: Computer Services Department

Campus: Kuala Lumpur


  • Key developer for E-Wallet Application (Mobile plus Responsive Web).
  • Create a mobile/responsive E-Wallet app’s UI/UX and integrate it with existing API.
  • Creating app updates, including bug fixes and additional features, for release.
  • Publishing & Maintain E-Wallet app releases on App Store Connect & Play Store Console.
  • Participate in the entire product’s lifecycle (analyze, develop, test, release, support).
  • Troubleshoot and debug to optimize app performance.
  • Write and maintain system documentation.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and suggest new mobile products, applications, and protocols.
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs. (If any)


  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Networking System.
  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in E-Wallet Mobile Application (Android and iOS) development is essential.
  • Experience in UI/UX technique for mobile apps
  • Experienced in publishing apps to Google Play / AppStore.
  • Experience in both transactional Web development, Mobile iOS and Android mobile app development, E-Wallet related experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of programming language i.e. Swift, Java, Dart, Objective C, Kotlin, Javascript, Microsoft .NET (VB .NET or C#) etc.
  • Database SQL knowledge in MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or MongoDB (Minimum of any 2).
  • Involve and familiar with back-end coding, required skill – Node JS, Flutter, Ionic, React Native
  • Mobile Development using the Microsoft Xamarin or Mobile Development using React Native and Node JS will be an added advantage.
  • Basic Knowledge of Microsoft .NET will be an advantage.

Deadline: 30 Dec 2022 | Last Update: 06 Sep 2022