Event Ambassadors (Engagement)

The face of the University during events, these ambassadors embody the University and carries a huge responsibility in presenting and guiding the public in how UCSI is presented.

  • Student Counselling
  • Open Days
  • Student panels
  • Networking
  • Usherers
  • Travel
  • Campus tours
  • Walk Ins


SocMed Team (Social Media Ambassadors)

Handling the social media tools are a big responsibility, giving visibility to the whole Student Ambassadors in creating and planning content for the Social Media Ambassadors

  • Social media managers
  • Social media content planners and curators
  • Microsite management
  • Works in tandem with the Events and Digital Content teams (with SEC) leads management, CRM


Digital Content Ambassadors (Editorial/Production)

Content creators are needed more than ever in today’s digital universe, and who else to chronicle the Student Ambassadors journey, the University, and influence the world if not the Digital Content Ambassadors.

  • Create content - writers, bloggers, adhoc write up about university events and topics
  • Develop creative campaigns and ideas, can come up with blog/video content ideas, write their own pieces, and commission content from classmates if need be
  • Working together with the Social Media Team in planning, creating and distribution of content and editorial calendar
  • Video Team to be created