Student Mobility Programme


Gain An Invaluable Experience

Flexible Schedule

With our flexible schedules, you will be free to choose the amount of time you spend away from your home institution.

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Industrial Training

Opportunity to pursue industrial training and structured internship programmes with any of our industry partners.

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Cultural Experience

Social and cultural programmes including sightseeing excursions organised to complement the learning experience.

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Medical Research Mobility Programme

Conduct research on tropical and infectious diseases when you enrol for the ‘Clinical and Epidemiological Experience in Tropical Medicine’ research programme led by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

You will be able to deliberate and research on the spread of biological agents that could harm communities globally, as well as the complex array of factors relating to society, the environment and the increasing global interconnectedness that enhance the likelihood of the emergence of tropical and infectious disease. The research projects you undertake during your stint here can be community-based or laboratory-based, or both.

UCSI University’s well-established research centre, CERVIE (Centre of Excellence for Research, Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship) will provide for a complete set of research facilities and supervisors (parasitologists, microbiologists, geneticists or public health physicians) that will be nominated for you based on your research areas.

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