Admission Arrival

Step 1

Students may transfer directly from the KLIA/LCCT/Subang Airport to Kuala Terengganu, without stopping at the KL Campus for visa processing, documentation and orientation briefing. All these can be completed in the Terengganu Campus.

Upon arrival, students must report to the Student Enrolment Centre (SEC), located on Ground Floor, the next working day at 9:00 a.m. Students must undergo medical screening at the Qualitas Clinic in Kuala Terengganu within seven working days upon arrival or before the Visa Approval Letter expires (whichever is earlier). Please meet our SEC staff for transportation arrangements.

Students are required to settle the necessary payment due before the Course Selection and the commencement of classes. A student ambassador or Student Affairs & Alumni staff will assist new students in opening a bank account.

During the orientation, students will be briefed on UCSI University, Terengganu Campus’ rules & regulations, English Placement Test schedule, and Course Selection procedure. Attendance to this orientation is COMPULSORY. The University encourages students to report themselves to SEC as soon as possible, the latest being on the Orientation day, in order to induct and familiarise themselves with the culture and practice of the University. The Orientation is also when seniors and lecturers are available to share their knowledge or experience and mentor new students accordingly. If a student misses the Orientation due to unforeseen circumstances, the Student Affairs & Alumni staff would be responsible to orientate the student accordingly. This is to ensure all students are briefed on the necessary processes and procedures.

Step 2
Requirement for English

A student who does not meet UCSI University's English requirement will have to sit for the English Placement Test (EPT) as per schedule given and the result will be released on the following day. Students who have met UCSI University's English requirement will proceed with the Course Selection procedure.

English Placement Test
  • If your Letter of Offer indicates that you need to sit for an English Placement Test prior to pursuing your desired programme, you may sit for this test as soon as you arrive, and even before you attend our important International Student Briefing
  • English Placement Testing is upon appointment with the respective lecturer UCSI University Terengganu Campus. Please proceed to check the appointment with Ms Shazwani at Student Enrolment Centre.
  • Bring your Letter of Offer or Letter of Acceptance with you for the test. You may obtain the results of your test the next day. However, you cannot attend classes until you have completed your registration, and attended the International Student Briefing.

Step 3
Course Selection Procedure

Student have to bring along the Course Selection Form and meet with the respective Heads of School / Heads of Programme or Programme Coordinator for advice on subject selection for the current semester.

Once approval from the respective school is obtained, students MUST submit the signed / approved Course Selection Form for subject registration to the respective Course Administrators (CA), located on the First Floor.

Students may obtain the Course Schedule from the Information Integrated System (IIS).

Student ID card - students may collect their student ID card which will be prepared by the University from the Record and Exam Unit, REU (first floor) after week three of the semester.

Students will only be issued their ID cards when:

  • Initial tuition fee is paid and there is no current outstanding fee.
  • Student Declaration task is completed on IIS.
  • Photo has been uploaded on IIS

Step 4
Student's Pass Procedure

Students MUST submit their passports and Student Pass endorsement fees to the Student Enrolment Centre according to the schedule given to them. The Executive will provide students with a certified true copy of the passport while their original passports are pending the Student Pass endorsement at the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Note: Student MUST submit their passport for Student Pass extension/renewal two (2) months before the Student Pass expires. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of RM30.00 PER DAY. Students are responsible for ensuring that their Student Pass and Entry Visa are VALID before leaving the country.
General Information
  • It will take at least 14 days for the Malaysian Immigration Department to issue the Visa Approval Letter. Thus, students should begin their application process at least one month before each intake. Please take note that it is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigration Department to approve or reject any visa application.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country regarding any special requirements or visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, students may need to apply for a single entry visa to enter Malaysia together with the Visa Approval Letter, in order to avoid a fine.
  • For African students, they are required to take the necessary inoculations (injections), especially Yellow Fever Vaccination, before coming to Malaysia. A copy of the Medical Certificate must be produced for verification by the Malaysian Immigration Department.