Assistant Professor Dr Christine Tan Yunn Bing

Head of Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement

Academic Qualifications

DMA (Piano)
MMus (Piano)
BA (Piano Pedagogy)
Performer’s Certificate (Piano)

Areas of Interest
Piano Pedagogy
Piano duet/duo

Dr. Christine Tan Yunn Bing is a native of Melaka.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from Western Illinois University(WIU), a Master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy and a Doctor of Musical Art degree in Piano Performance from West Virginia University(WVU), under the tutelage of Dr. Christine Kefferstan. While in the U.S., Christine was awarded the Music Teacher National Association Student Achievement Recognition Award.  Since her return to Malaysia, she has been pursuing an active teaching career.  She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Music, UCSI University, Malaysia.  Apart from playing an active role as faculty member at Institute of Music, UCSI University, Christine is a well sought-after adjudicator for piano competitions and examinations, as well as a clinician who has given piano workshops. For tertiary level judging, Christine has been appointed as an External Examiner for the Faculty of Music in University Technology MARA and the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (known as ASWARA) in Malaysia. At UCSI University, besides teaching, she was also the chairwoman of the first UCSI Piano Pedagogy Conference in 2017 and vice-chair of the UCSI University International Piano Festival and Competition (IPFC) since 2014.  Currently, Christine is appointed as the chairwoman of the IPFC 2020 and the head of Praxis, Industry and Community Enggagement for the Institute of Music. 


Research / Conference Publications, Presentations, Performances / Recordings

1. Invited as one of the trainer to teach 20 lessons on Piano Pedagogy topics organized by Poco Studio
2. Presenter for the "Understanding Performance" organized by Trinity College London for the Diploma leve
3. Invited to give a seminar Swara Indah Music Square, Palembang, Indonesia
4. Invited to be one of the presenter for the "Understanding Performance: The Art if Communicating with the Audience" conference at Sunway University organized by Trinity College London 
5. Invited as a guest lecturer for a 6 hours lecture in Penang organized by a doctoral student, Ms.Ka LiSuang from the Music Dept, School of Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Networks / Industry Linkages / Memberships

1. Trainer for Poco Studio
2. Invited Guest Speaker for Trinity London College
3. Invited Judge EuroAsia 
4. Invited Speaker for Persatuan Pusat Muzil dan Guru Muzik Malaysia

Other Accolades / Achievements

Chairwoman of UCSI University International Piano Festival and Competition (IPFC)