• Computer Lab

    Computer Lab

    There are ten computer labs at UCSI University’s KL Campus. The labs are equipped with over 400 PCs and 15 servers, which are connected to the campus’ local area network.

  • Chemistry Lab

    Chemistry Lab

    Used primarily for teaching, this lab houses various instruments and reagents for chemical assays and analysis.

  • Biochemistry Lab

    Biochemistry Lab

    Equipped with an abundance of analytical instruments, this facility supports the analysis of biochemical enzymes, as well as organic and inorganic molecules. Training at the lab focuses on techniques that identify, quantify and separate components within natural and artificial materials.

  • Microbiology Lab

    Microbiology Lab

    This facility houses all the bacterial and fungal cultures used in research and teaching. Well-equipped to culture, store and contain microbes, the facility supports cutting - edge research in the areas of drug discovery, environmental health, food safety and antimicrobial therapies.

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