Assistant Professor Dr Ho Meng Chuan

Assistant Professor Dr Ho Meng Chuan

Head of Centre, Centre for Pre-U Studies

Academic Qualifications


MSc. Family Ecology

B.Scs. Psychology (Hons)

Areas of Interest
Adolescent Psychology
Family Ecology
Parenting Styles

Research Grant: 


  1. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, FRGS (2019). Establishing a novel Family-Healthcare Stress Model: Does Strength-Based Parenting mediate between caregiver mental health and adolescent psychiatric patient outcomes? RM 63,900. (Principle Investigator), On- Going 

  1. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS). Developing and Validating a New Model of Preventive Intervention Modules on Bullying and Cyberbullying for Secondary School Students: An Intervention Mapping Approach. RM 128,472. (Co- Principle Investigator), On- Going 

  1. Digital Society Research Grant, DSRG (2022). How ready are HEPs to implement Multimedia and Communication Micro-Credentials? An Assessment of Challenges and Readiness of HEPs. RM 10,000 (Members), On- Going 

  1. Research Excellence & Innovation Grant, REIG (2018). Factors Associated With Nomophobia Among University Students And Their Readiness To Change. RM 13,200. (Principle Investigator), Completed 

  1. City University Grant Scheme, CUGS (2017). The Relationship of Perceived Parenting Styles, Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement among Undergraduate Students. RM 6,000. (Principle Investigator), Completed 


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  1. Member, Malaysia Society of Hypertension (Member ID: O00000291) 

  1. Member, Malaysian Psychological Association (PSIMA), (Member ID: 2170000466)