Dr Siek Hwee Ling

Assistant Professor Dr Siek Hwee Ling, Perline

Deputy Director, Head of Research

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Design
Master of Design
Diploma in Applied Arts

Areas of Interest
Visual Communication
Cultural Design
Cross Cultural Art & Design
Art Education
Packaging Design
Painting & Illustration
Graphic Design

Research Grant

1. Name of grant: RGEIG- Internal 

​Funder: UCSI

Project Title: Development and evaluation of the NutriDIY-trolley (Nutritious Dietary Inventory grocerY trolley) app for healthy food purchase

Code: REIG-FAS-2022/040/Internal

Durations: 2022 to 2024

Role: Co-pi

Amount: RM 44,500.00

Duration: 2 years

Status: On-going



Funder: MOTAC

Project Title: We Share the Same Moon

Code: MOTAC-ICAD-2022/002

Durations: 01/08/2022 to 31/11/2022

Role: Principal investigator

Amount: RM 100,000

Duration: Aug to Nov 2022

Status: Completed



Funder: MOTAC

Project Title: KENAU Art Exhibition + ISM Volume III 2022 (Theme – Historical Cultures)

Code: MOTAC-ICAD-2022/003

Durations: 01/08/2022 to 31/11/2022

Role: Principal investigator

Amount: RM 30,000

Duration: Aug to Nov 2022

Status: Completed


4. Name of grant: Visual Arts Showcase Funding Programme 2021/CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development  Agency)


Project Title: The Bond between the Aborigines of Malayo- Sumbawan to Formosan

Code: MOTAC-ICAD-2022/003

Durations: 01/06/2021 to 16/12/2022

Role: Co-Principal investigator

Amount: RM 12,500

Duration: 2 years

Status: Completed


5. Name of grant: Sunway University internal Research Grant

Funder: Sunway University

Project Title: Promoting Malaysian Folklores: The whispered taboos of beliefs in rituals and festive celebrations

Durations: in 2019

Role: Principal investigator

Amount: RM 9,000

Duration: 1 year

Status: Completed



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Book Chapter Publications

  1. Siek Hwee Ling, Perline (2023)- Editorial Chief , My Journey to Malaysian Art, Foreword, UCSI Press, e- ISBN 9786297571393,
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Illustration & Design Publications

  1. Hwee Ling, Siek (2021), Kisah Keluarga Ding di Lukang- Kaum Arab di Taiwan, Certia Budaya Tempatan Taiwan, Persatuan Kebudayaan Han Malaysia, Taipei Economic And Cultural Office in Malaysia, 189- 196, ISBN 978-967- 2632-73-3
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1.The Lady Nyonya, 2023, Artistic Copyright Registered, Malaysia Copyright AR2023W02437, filed 12Sept 2023 2023 2.Back to Basics, 2023, Artistic Copyright Registered, Malaysia Copyright AR2023W02438, filed 12 Sept 2023

Publications: Creative Output & Exhibition

Publications: Creative Output & Exhibition

  1. Teppanyaki Chief, Malaysia Perak Art Society, 2024 A5 size Desk Calendar, sponsored by  Canning, Marcus, ChekHop, the riv design and Moments Frame Gallery (July page).
  2. Co-Exhibition, The Bond Between the Aborigines of Malayo-Sumbawan To Formosan, Visual Art Showcase Art Exhibition, funded by Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)
  3. Principal Investigator, We Share the Same Moon, year 2023 table Calendar, Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MOTAC) grant project, university- to-launch-the-2023-%E2%80%9Cwe-share-the-same-moon%E2%80%9D-inaugural-0
  4. Joint Exhibition (MOTAC GRANT), Sg Lembing, A3 size, ink & watercolor, Kenau +!SM 2022, Sg Lembing, Kuantan Art, page 46
  5. Guest of Honour, everything will be scattered to the wind, International Design Symposium "Work in Progress, the 10th Rangsit University Bangkok, Thailand
  6. Joint Exhibition, Boats, watercolour 56 x 38cm, Impressions of Harmony, State Museum, Seremban, 7th March to 31st May 2022
  7. Joint Exhibition, Lotus VI, [GUMUM+ISM 2022] International Art Exhibition @ Tasik Chini, UKM ISBN:978-967-26685-0-3, Book Cover and Pg 41-42
  8. Joint Exhibition, Ulu Bendul chalet, 56 x 38cm, The Ulu Bendul Riverscape Exhibition, Seri Menanti Old Museum
  9. Joint Exhibition, Chini Dragon Legend, GUMUM +ISM International Art Exhibition, Curatorial Gallery Room, Academic Heritage Museum, Council Building, National University of Malaysia, 5th to 31st Jan 2022
  10. Solo Exhibition, Traveling between Formosa and Austronesian Islands, Illustration Exhibition, Total 15 pieces /78 x 56cm, National Library of Public Information, Tai-Chong, Taiwan.
  11. Creative output publication, Traveler, Design Decoded 2021. Coffee Table book.2nd International Conference on Design Industries and Creative Culture, 24th to 25th August 2021,University Technology Mara, Kedah Bra11nch,Malaysia
  12. Joint Exhibition, Wau Craftsman, Apresias Seni 2021, Menjunjung Kasih, Visual Arts Exhibition, Negeri Sembilan Painters, 10th Jan to 25th Feb 2021, Duraja Seri Museum, 2021 State Museum, Seremban, pg 20 to 21, ISBN 979-967 17263-4-1
  13. Joint Exhibition, Publication, Let's get back to these days, Theme: “Desirability”. The 9th Rangsit University International Design Exhibition "Work in Progress 9:25th May 2021. http://www.rsu-
  14. Joint Exhibition, Publication, Peaceful Time, People of Passion (P.O.P) project 2020, First Edition. The National Academy of Arts Culture & Heritage (ASWARA) Malaysia, pg 40 to 41, ISBN 978-983-2538-51-6
  15. Joint Exhibition, Publication, Girl on Swing, Plein Air Painting, Alam Benda, Laman Seni, Almad Rashid Ulu Bendul, pg 20.
  16. Joint Exhibition, Publication, Hearts of Vessels, Kita Jagakita, VACCINE, KL City Art Gallery, KL 15th Sep to 18th Oct 2020, pg 39
  17. Joint Exhibition, Publication, Gathering, Alam Beraja, Pameran Seni Visual, Wajah Wajah Negeri Sembilan 2020, .11th to 28th February 2020, Muzium Diraja Seri Menanti, Kuala Pilah, 1 to 15th April 2020, Muzium Negeri Sembilan, Seremban. Pg 11, 36 and 37 ISBN:978-967-17263-27
  18. Joint Exhibition / Publication, Design Philosophy, Theme: Mind the Gap.The 8th Rangsit University International Design Symposium and Exhibition. Work in Progress, Bangkok,Thailand, 30th June to Sept 2020
  19. Joint Exhibition/ Publication, Lotus IV, Angel’s Hand, Women Artists art exhibition, 2019
  20. Malaysia Women’s Day & National Merdeka Day Celebration, Associations Malaysia, 30th Aug 2019, Pg100 and 152
  21. Joint Exhibition, Elephant Mountain Ceramic Art Achievement & Long Zai Wei Trail Completion Announcement, Rui Feng Tai He Agriculture Leisure Farm, Alisan Taiwan, 17th February 2019
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  23. Joint Exhibition, Prayer, Panchi Sayagyi U Thu Kha 100-year Anniversary Art Exhibition, New Treasure 20Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar, Pg 64.
  24. Jointed Publication, Devoted, Indonesian Water Colour Society, Jubilee 25th IWS, Bali, Indonesia, 6th to 9th October 2018, pg 112, Indonesia Watercolour Society, ISBN: 978-979-97166-68
  25. Jointed Publication, Lion Dance, Best/Art Exhibition in the World. Taiwan Highlights in Hua lien’, Hualien County Art Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan, 9th to 30th June2018, pg35, ISBN: 978-985-82485-54

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

  1. Siek Hwee Ling, Best 3-Stars Community Project Awards (We Share the Same Moon) by UCSI University Research Excellence Awards 2022, dated 13th April 2023, Certificate No. 30751
  2. Guo Xiao Hao, Hwee Ling Siek, An Eco-Friendly Rehal: Ceramic Holy Book Stand, 2023 InternationalHalal Science Innovation Competition, Bronze Medal Awards.
  3. Guo Xiao Hao, Hwee Ling Siek. Holy Book Holder, The 2nd Global Hua Design Award, 2022, shortlisted as one of the 569 out of 3856 artworks, Category:  Product.
  4. Athirah Binti Mohamed Zaini, Ivan Lam, Alex Goh, Siek Hwee Ling. A Multimedia Integrated Illustration Book for Young Children's Climate Change Education, International Innovation Awards 2022, Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2022, The Category of Education Technology & Pedagogy,Silver Medal (Category: Education Technology)
  5. Liew Yik Meng, Siek Hwee Ling. International Conference of Art and Design (AICAD), Invention &Innovation in Design 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia, Silver Medal Award
  6. Chen Twu Bian, Siek Hwee Ling, International Conference of Art and Design (AICAD), Invention &Innovation inDesign 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bronze Medal Award
  7. Design Workshop/ Tatung University, Taiwan, Best Design Team Award, as Student Advisor.


Featured in MalaysianTV Networks: 

  1. TV2’s “ Frontline Window” features “ We Share The Same Moon” on 22nd and 23rd December 2022 (Total 2 sessions)


  1. TV2's "Frontline Window" special program features the behind-the-scenes footage of the illustration production of “Local Culture Stories and Aboriginal Myths & Legends of Malaysia and Taiwan"., on 29th to 30th Nov 2021  (TV2, Episode)


Networks and Collaborations on Research

  1. Malaysia Design Council- Member
  2. National Art Gallery Malaysia- Member
  3. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Malaysia) Alumni-Secretary
  4. Negeri Sembilan Art Society – Member
  5. National Perak Art Society- Member

Contributions to Society

  1. Design Consultant for Boardgame design (Since 2022 to present) Fu Guang Publication (Buddhist Association) (NGO) 
  2. Visual Com Course advisor (since 2021 to present) Newton International College, Yangon, Myanmar
  3. Best 3-Stars Community Project Awards (We Share the Same Moon) by UCSI University Research Excellence Awards 2022, dated 13th April 2023, Certificate No. 30751