Assistant Professor Dr. Yin Nwe Aung

Assistant Professor Dr Yin Nwe Aung

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

MPH (International Health) 
MSc (Clinical Epidemiology)
PhD (Community Medicine- Health Economics)
PGDTT (Post-graduate Diploma in Tertiary Teaching)

Areas of Interest
Systematic reviews and meta- analysis, Regression and modelling
Clinical Epidemiology
Health economics
Professional Bodies

  1. Member of Myanmar Medical Council
  2. Member of Malaysia Medical Council


  1. Preparedness of students from different pre-university programs for medical education
  2. Determinants controlling the medical student performance at Phase 1, UCSI University


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Award and Recognition

  1. Best Presentation Award (13th Post Graduate Forum on Health System and Policy - Medical Specialist within the Health System in Asia) 2019
  2. Best Free Paper Oral Presenetation (12th Post Graduate Forum on Health System and Policy) 2018
  3. Interfaculty studentships award (University of Alberta 2011-2012)
  4. Asian Development Bank Scholarship award (2003-2004)
  5. National Scholastic Award (1987-1998)

Contributions to Society

  1. Moderator - for panel discussion “Health System and Policy Response Towards Pandemic: Developing Countries – Lesson Leant for future”at 15th Post Graduate Forum  ( 27-28 July 2021)