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Assistant Professor Ir Dr Lee Jin Chai


Assistant Professor | Department of Civil Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Civil Engineering
MSc Structural Engineering
BSc Construction Engineering
Dip Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest
Structural Engineering and Materials
Lightweight concrete
Health and Safety
Nanoparticles in Concrete
Professional Bodies

  1. Member, Board of Engineer Malaysia
  2. Graduate Member IEM


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Research Grant

  1. Pioneer Science Incentive Fund (PSIF) (Project Leader)
    Title: Study on the engineering properties of high strength lightweight concrete incorporating agricultural waste
    Duration: 2 years (Sep 2019 – Aug 2021)
    Amount: RM 49,900
    Project Status: On-going
  2. Pioneer Science Incentive Fund (PSIF) (Project Member)
    Title: Statistical analysis of potential evapotranspiration in Malaysia
    Duration: 2 years (Aug 2019 - July 2021)
    Amount: RM 49,270
    Project Status: On-going
  3. Pioneer Science Incentive Fund (PSIF) (Project Leader)
    Title: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Inflation on the Motorcycle to Passenger Car
    Duration: 2 years (Jun 2016 – Oct 2019)
    Amount: RM 15,440
    Project Status: Completed

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Study on the engineering properties of high strength lightweight concrete incorporating agricultural waste (Project Leader of PSIF Grant) 

  1. Statistical analysis of potential evapotranspiration in Malaysia (Project Member of PSIF Grant)