International Degree Pathways

Application and Procedure

Our Services

  • Personalised counselling
    Provide guidance in selecting the appropriate university.
  • Course selection
    Advise students on their selection of subjects according to their chosen university.
  • University applications
    Assist students on related programmes when applying for admission to universities abroad either on-line or via paper application, as well as help to monitor the progress of their applications and subsequent follow-ups with the relevant universities.
  • Accommodation arrangements
    Guide students on applications for university accommodations.
  • Visa application
    Provide assistance to ensure students have the complete sets of documents required for student visa application.
  • Air-ticket bookings and airport pick-up assistance
    Assist students with air-ticket arrangements, as well as make arrangements for students to be met at the airport arrival points by the university representatives.
  • Pre-departure briefings
    Organise pre-departure briefings for students to prepare them for departure and arrival in the respective country.
  • Others
    We organize International Guest Lecture Series, university talks/presentations, on-campus education fairs, and meetings between students and the university representatives. We also provide university prospectus, brochures, student guides and CD-ROMS from the universities abroad.

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