AI and Big Data Challenge for Data Engineers KL 2019

On 27 April, 2019, Assistant Professor Chit Su Mon, Head of the School of Information Technology was invited by UNLOCK DESIGN International Sdn Bhd to be their guest speaker for the ABCDE KL 2019 (AI & Big Data Challenge for Data Engineers) Hackathon. The event was held at ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange, ADAX, Level 27, The Vertical Business Suite, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

Assistant Professor Chit Su Mon shared her ideas and thoughts on the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI): How to be smart in preparing to accept AI in our life. She mentioned that big data benefits many sectors including the government, retail, human resources, etc. AI has effectively helped businesses in increasing the revenue. It is very important to reconsider the future of AI, by looking at the challenges and the opportunities.

In her session, she mentioned although AI is affecting every sector, not every job is at equal risk. The AI driven workplace should have more jobs being created than lost.  However, by implementing AI some skill deficiency may occur and it will be the biggest challenge that we may face.

Hence, it is important to ensure the gains for AI to be shared with the society and also to address this issue at the educational level. AI will change our world inside and outside and instead of fearing it, we need to embrace and implement the most effective AI systems to enhance and compliment human intelligence.