Assistant Professor Dr Alwyn Lau Wing Wang

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

PhD Arts (Humanities & Social Sciences)
Bachelor Divinity
BSc Economics

Areas of Interest
Political philosophy
Media studies
Malaysian studies
Tail risks

  • Lau, Alwyn, “Nurturing the Anti-Fragile Student: The Barbell Strategy and Academic Merit Sans the Strain” (forthcoming, 2022)
  • Lau, Alwyn, “From Fetish to Forgiveness: A Žižekian Intrusion on How the Church ‘Enjoys’ Herself for the Sake of the World.” In From Malaysia to the Ends of the Earth: Southeast Asian and Diasporic Contributions to Biblical and Theological Studies Goh, Elaine W.F., Yong, Amos, Kuan, Jeffrey K. & Tan, Jonathan (eds.) (Claremont, CA: Claremont Press 2021)
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  • Lau, Alwyn & Oo Cheng Keat, Online Discussions for Learning: Boon, Bane or Banal? Investigating the Effectiveness of KDU’s Mata Pelajaran Wajib (MPW) E-Forum, presented at the 2nd Global Summit on Education, Kuala Lumpur 2014
  • Lau, Alwyn, Tan Hui Leng & Satesh Navasivayam, So You Think You Can Teach? (Kuala Lumpur: August Publishing, 2013)
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Professional Engagement