Kuala Lumpur Campus

  • Anatomy Museum

    Anatomy Museum

    This is used by the first and second year medical and optometry students. This Anatomy Museum contains 65 anatomy models and a plastinated cadaver, as well as a Cyber-Anatomy tool that provides a 3D study of the human anatomy using innovative technology. More than 1,000 microscope histology slides on are available to the students.

  • Pathology Museum

    This Pathology Museum is used to teach first and second year medical students the various skills in pathology. It has about 120 potted specimens of the human body and also more than 500 histopathology slides for students to examine through microscopes.

  • Nursing Clinical Skills Unit

    The Nursing Clinical Skills Unit houses a simulated hospital ward that is equipped with emergency trolleys, ward beds, as well as other equipment used by nurses. Five adult and three infant low fidelity human patient simulators enable nursing students to smoothly transition from university students to life-saving nurses.

  • Optometry Clinic

    This purpose-built optometry clinic houses some of the equipments including slitlamp biomicroscopes used to examine the health of the eye, fundus cameras and ophthalmoscopes to examine the interior surface of the eye, as well as corneal topographer and phoropter used to determine a patient’s corneal contour and glasses prescription, respectively.

  • Cell and Molecular Biology Lab

    Cell and Molecular Biology Lab

    Cell and Molecular Biology Lab - Intensive research on gene-based, protein-based and molecular-based studies takes place at this facility. It houses many of the Faculty’s prominent instruments including a multi-mode microplate reader, gel documentation system and real-time PCR machine