About Us

UCSI University works to advance healthcare through medical education. Our mission is to groom tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare practitioners to heal, care, and make life better for local, national, and global communities. To this end, we seek to equip the best people with the best ideas, skill sets and ethics to make a telling difference in all they do.

The fight to alleviate human suffering from diseases is a complex one. New complications arise constantly and medical advancement must follow suit. We understand this at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and our students are groomed to possess a thorough understanding of the genetic underpinnings of human diseases. The mastery of concepts like human variability and genetic risk is becoming increasingly vital and UCSI is committed to steer education and research in that direction.

At UCSI, our commitment to teach tomorrow’s medicine is reflected by a curriculum that emphasises multidisciplinary appreciation, simulation learning, innovation, and the incorporation of new medical practices and technology. The concept of continuous improvement is imparted to students from day one, putting them in good stead to be excellent doctors not only in, but for, the healthcare industry. And when this is done, our students hone their skills through hours of clinical practice.

At the Faculty, our commitment to improve outcomes in medicine is matched by its approach to nursing. Anchored on quality, professionalism, multidisciplinary teamwork, and genuine care, our nursing programmes are designed with one thing in mind: Trust you can rely on. Quality patient care is a vital component in the road to recovery and our students are trained to impact lives through expertise and passion. We want our nursing graduates to be the higher-order professionals the industry needs and we take pride that they are highly sought after by prominent industry players.

Going beyond primary-care education, the Faculty is making headway through its School of Healthy Aging, Medical Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine. The School is the only centre in Malaysia that provides training in this niche field and doctors enjoy avenues to further specialise in healthy aging, medical aesthetic and regenerative medicine – disciplines that are quickly gaining traction the world over. With connections to the who’s who in the practice, the School is a hub of learning and doors will open for doctors wherever they go.

These developments further enhance the Faculty’s standing as one of Malaysia’s foremost private medical schools. Established in 2005, the Faculty has become synonymous with excellence in education and research. We strive to maintain this and we invest a considerable amount of time and resources to ensure our students get the best training and exposure. We do so because we understand that sometimes, the harder way is the only way to arrive at high-value patient care. And by grooming tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare practitioners, we are gratified to meet the human capital needs of Malaysia and the global community.

Because patients deserve nothing but the best.


Graduate Attributes

To enable graduates to:
  • Function within the social and cultural context of Malaysia and the global community.
  • Be active collaborators and participants in the health care delivery system.
  • Meet the needs of well-informed and an increasingly affluent consumers.
  • Adapt to the profession’s emerging roles in clinical specialization, leadership, education, management, research, information technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Embrace the values of lifelong learning through self-directed, problem-based learning and evidence-based practice.


Vision & Mission

To become an internationally networked and globally competitive, premier Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, committed to providing excellent in education, research and community services.
  1. To provide excellent Medical Education that is:
    • Innovative
    • Internationally recognized
    • Affordable
  2. To ensure excellence in research by
    • Providing state-of-the-art facilities
    • Engaging highly qualified researches
    • Collaborating with internationally recognized research institutions
  3. To contribute high quality Community Services through:
    • Providing internationally recognized, highly-skilled and compassionate medical doctors
    • Integration with stakeholders
    • Social corporate responsibility endeavours