Kavita A/P Chirara

Research Impact:

Research Gate

Kavita A/P Chirara

Lecturer | Department of Biotechnology

Academic Qualifications

Master of Business Administration 
BA (Hons) of Applied Science (Biotechnology)

Areas of Interest
Genetic Modify food
Biodegradable food package

  1. Kavita Chirara and Lee Keat Yan (2019) Factors Associated with Beliefs and Attitudes in Organic Food Purchase among Adults in Klang Valley, Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development 10(4):1126
  2. Ummu K.F. and Kavita C. (2018) Entrepreneurial Motivation of Gen-Y Students: Necessity or Opportunity 

Contributions to Society

  1. UCSI University Home building for Indigenous people, 2016
  2. Entrepreneurship Talk at MySkills Foundation (NGO youth centre- school dropout), 2018

Professional Affiliation

  • Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World Malaysia Chapter 
  • Asian Federation of Biotechnology, Malaysia