About Us


Established in 1999, UCSI University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences has distinguished itself as one of Malaysia’s leading hubs of scientific study. The Faculty stands out for the quality of academic teaching and research in Biotechnology, Food Science, Nutrition, Aquatic Science, Forensic Science and Applied Microbiology.

The Faculty is home to intelligent and ambitious individuals who target a fast-track career in food technology, food science, applied science and others related science courses.... Our students go beyond themselves in every endeavour and the Faculty provides them with myriad avenues to shine. The Faculty enjoys an impressive haul of intervarsity awards and many of our undergraduate students steal a march on their postgraduate counterparts by publishing their research findings in scientific journals. Success is an integral part of the Faculty’s identity and character.

As a student, you can look forward to numerous opportunities to realise your potential through our programmes that encompass a large area in the scope of bachelor of science. Learning will take you from modern classrooms to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. You will learn from respected academics who are at the forefront of research in their – and your – discipline. The knowledge you obtain will serve as the bedrock for further specialisation. And your experience will be nothing short of immense.

The Faculty's emphasis on postgraduate study makes it a significant contributor to science in Malaysia and its endeavours in research complement its long track record of excellence in teaching and learning. An important aspect of postgraduate study at the Faculty is the wide range of specialisms you may opt for. Molecular biology, microbiology, pharmacology, cancer research, analytical chemistry, molecular modelling, food science and nutrition, and nanotechnology are some of the quintessential fields of research at the Faculty. Offered via research and coursework pathways, the Faculty's offerings are designed with you in mind. Full-time and part-time options are available and you can pursue your academic interests without any disruption to your career. Regardless of your preferred route, you can be confident that you will be stepping into an immersive experience of science and discovery.

Our Vision

To be recognized internationally as the choice provider for tertiary education, and partner for research and collaboration in Applied Sciences


Our Mission

  • To provide quality education that develops the intellectual and personal strengths of individuals
  • To enhance and engage students in holistic learning experience that extend into the community
  • To produce internationally employable graduates with competence skills and competitive edge
  • To generate and advance scientific knowledge through applied and innovative research

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