Professor Dr. Ong Seng Huat
Research Impact:
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Senior Professor Dr Ong Seng Huat, FASc

Head of Research and Postgraduate Studies

Academic Qualifications


Areas of Interest
Discrete distribution theory and mixture modelling
Data mining and statistical data analysis
Simulation and Computation
Probability & Statistics (Statistical Modelling and Inference)

Current research project

  1. A Class of Mixed Integer Time Series Models, Coherent Forecasting and Statistical Inference
  2. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme FP045-2015A (PI)
  3. Mathematical and Statistical Modelling of Complex Network Systems FG037-17AFR
  4. Towards efficient search by autonomous mobile robots in uncertain environments: an investigation of the fundamental biologically inspired principle FRGS 2017-1 (Member)


Selected Journal Articles

  1. Mukundan, R., Ong, S.H. and Lee, P.A. (2001) Image Analysis by Tchebichef Moments IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 10, 1357-1364
  2. Yap, P.T., P. Raveendran, S.H. Ong (2003) Image Analysis by Krawtchouk Moments, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 12, 1367-1377
  3. P.L. Gupta, R.C. Gupta, S.H. Ong and H.M. Srivastava (2008). A class of Hurwitz-Lerch-Zeta distribution and their applications in reliability. Applied Maths. and Computation, 196,521-531
  4. Maiti, R., A.Biswas, A. Guha, S. H. Ong (2014) Modeling and coherent forecasting of zero- inflated count time series. Statistical Modelling 14(5), 1-24
  5. Gupta, R.C., Sim S.Z., Ong, S.H. (2014) Analysis of Discrete Data by Conway-Maxwell Poisson distribution AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis 98, 327-343  
  6. Mukerjee, R., Ong, S. H. (2015).Variance and Covariance Inequalities for Truncated   Joint Normal Distribution via Monotone Likelihood Ratio and Log-concavity. Journal  of Multivariate Analysis 139 1–6
  7. Khoo, WC, Ong, SH and Biswas, A (2017) Modeling Time Series of Counts with a New Class of INAR(1) model. Statistical Papers, 58 (2), 393- 416 DOI 10.1007/s00362-015-0704-0
  8. Pee, C.Y., S. H. Ong, P. Raveendran (2017), Numerically Efficient Algorithms for Anisotropic Scale and Translation Tchebichef Moment Invariants. Pattern Recognition Letters 92, 68-74
  9. Leong, S.H., Ong, S.H. (2017). Similarity measure and domain adaptation in multiple mixture model clustering: An application to image processing. PLoS ONE 12(7): e0180307.
  10. Yen Teng Ng, Phooi Tee Voon , Tony Kock Wai Ng, Verna Kar Mun Lee, Miskandar Mat Sahri, Norhaizan Mohd Esa, Seng Huat Ong and Augustine Soon Hock Ong (2018).  Interesterified Palm Olein (IEPalm) and Interesterified Stearic Acid-Rich Fat Blend (IEStear) Have No Adverse Effects on Insulin Resistance: A Randomized Control Trial.  Nutrient 10,  1112; doi:10.3390/nu10081112

Award and Achievements

  1. Elected member of ISI, International Statistical Institute, 2001
  2. Malaysian Toray Science Foundation Science and Technology Award 2009
  3. Fellow, Academy of Sciences Malaysia 2010


List of Postgraduate Supervision

  1. Koes Florence Yoshinaga “Comparing Artificial Intelligence Systems for Managing Gold Stock Investment”
  2. Kausalya A/P Balakrishnan “ Application of Count Models in Insurance Claims”

List of Membership in Professional and Academic Bodies

  1. International Statistical Institute
  2. International Association of Statistical Computing