• Professor Dr Ong Seng Huat, FASc

    Areas of Interest:

    Discrete distribution theory and mixture modelling
    Data mining and statistical data analysis
    Simulation and Computation
    Probability & Statistics (Statistical Modelling and Inference)

  • Professor Ts Dr Ganeshsree A/P Selvachandran

    Areas of Interest:

    Fuzzy mathematics including fuzzy logic, fuzzy computing techniques and fuzzy optimization and decision-making
    Artificial intelligence including machine learning, deep learning and soft computing
    Computational intelligence
    Medical image processing and detection of various types of diseases
    Financial data forecasting
    Environmental forecasting

  • Assistant Professor Dr Umathevi A/P Munikrishnan

    Areas of Interest:

    Small Medium Enterprise - job creation, contribution of SMEs to the national economy
    Tourism - Tourism development, rural tourism entreprenuership
    Technology adoption - survival strategy
    Business economics - cashless payment, e-commerce, mobile commerce, insurance
    Entreprenurship - SMEs and rural entreprenurship

  • Dr Lim Ai Fen

    Areas of Interest:

    Total Quality Management
    Knowledge Management
    Organizational Innovation

  • Dr Loh Yue Fang

    Areas of Interest:

    Statistical computation and simulation
    Data analysis
    Applied statistics

  • Dr Wong Hoong Sang

    Areas of Interest:

    Behavioral economics - research in individual behaviors such as reference points, target income, risk preference, myopic behavior
    Agricultural eocnomics - promoting sustainable food supply, demand behaviors, income diversifications
    Economic planning - state and federal economic master plan

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