SMJK Hua Lian emerges Champion of UCSI’s Science and Maths Quiz 2016 National Level Challenge

UCSI University’s (UCSI) Centre of Pre-U Studies (CoPUS) recently organised the Science and Maths Quiz 2016 National Level Challenge on campus grounds. 

With questions covering a variety of topics – mathematics and a range of science disciplines including biology, chemistry as well as physics, the Quiz saw 15 teams of secondary school students battle it out to win the Champion title. 

Students of SMJK Hua Lian from Taiping, Perak ultimately edged out the other finalists for the bragging rights. The vibrant minds were surprised and elated at their win. 

“We did not even expect to make it to the final round let alone winning first prize because the other semi-finalists were really good. Our scores were not far from each other but apparently we had more faith in them than in ourselves,” chuckled Lim Sze Chen. 

Team member Ong Teng Kheng added, “We were not prepared for the final round at all especially for the Biology questions because none of us are good at it but I’m glad we made it through.” 

When speaking about their preparation process, team member Ng Jiann Rin said that the team would meet up a few times a week after school to study and brainstorm every topic together. 

Ng also added that without the help of their teacher Mdm Ong Moy Kean, their journey and their win would not have been possible. 

“Our teacher has been very supportive and helpful. She was not hard on us, as she did not want to put us under pressure. Even though this was a competition, she did not want us to feel like it was the end to all. Whether we win or lose, the most important thing is that we worked hard for it and we did our best,” he said. 

Ng also said that studying for the Quiz had an added benefit. “We learned a few things during our preparations and brainstorming sessions that would certainly help us in our SPM exams.” 

For placing Champion in the Quiz, the team brought home RM1000 in cash and the members were each awarded a full tuition fee bursary by the UCSI University Trust. 

Coming a close second was a team from Chong Hwa Independent High School. They walked away with RM500 in cash prize and a bursary worth RM45,000. 

The 2nd Runner-up was a team from Kuen Cheng High School. They bagged a cash prize worth RM300 and a bursary worth RM30,000. 

The first Science and Maths Quiz was organised in 2013 to promote the study of science and mathematics. Since then, the Quiz has become an annual affair in which many schools across Klang Valley look forward to being part of to test their scientific knowledge, mathematical skills and mental endurance. 

This year, the Quiz was organised on a bigger scale whereby the invitation was extended to secondary schools from Penang, Perak and Negeri Sembilan. The State Level Challenge was held simultaneously in those four states on 9 April 2016. 

The Science and Maths Quiz 2016 National Level Challenge was officiated by Leong Sat Sing, the Vice-President of UCSI Group Corporate Affairs. In his speech, he spoke about the importance of science and mathematics in daily life. 

“If mathematics is the music of reason, then science is the art of logic. They both go hand in hand and are extremely important in discovering the intricacies, mechanics and wonders of life. Great scientists and mathematicians did not become successful overnight. Many turned their personal struggles into success stories over the years and became masters in their respective fields,” he said in his speech. 

Last year’s Quiz saw a participation of 99 teams with 297 students from 27 different schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. This year, the number of participants has risen to 549 students from 74 secondary schools from Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and the Klang Valley. 

Asst Prof Dr Mabel Tan, current President and CEO of UCSI College who pioneered the Quiz three years ago as the former Director of CoPUS applauded the organising team on the event’s success. She also talked about how the Quiz will benefit the students in the future. 

“Our world is constantly changing and evolving. Today, we rely on science and mathematics in ways we could not imagine 30 years ago. Through this Quiz, we want to raise the awareness of the importance of these subjects and encourage the younger generation to cultivate an interest in them,” she said. 

She also added that a strong background in science and mathematics would certainly prepare the students for college or work after graduation and open doors to higher paying jobs and greater opportunities over a lifetime. 

Also present at the event were Willie Tan, the Vice-President of UCSI’s Student Enrolment Centre and Asst Prof Ting Hock Chin, the Director of CoPUS.

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