UCSI School Of Music Presents Three Nights Of Extraordinary Musical Talent!

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday 19 November 2004 - Tunes from the classics… inspiring melodies that go straight to the heart…sensational solo, orchestra, choir and small ensemble performances. 

On November 19th, 20th and 21st, UCSI School Of Music will be presenting their 15th Annual Charity Concert entitled ‘Music From The Silver Screen’. 

The concert will be held in conjunction with the International Day Of The Disabled, and what better way to contribute to this worthy cause than by dedicating three nights to something everyone can appreciate – music! 

With the Wheelchair Marathon coming up on November 21st, the students have lined up a special performance featuring among others the marathon’s theme song “Life Is A Journey” which was originally a poem written by Ras Adiba herself. The music was composed and arranged by UCSI students, Michelle Wong (composer) and Casey Joo (arranger). The song was sung by Darren Ong and Lenny Lisandra Binti, who are currently pursuing their music degree.

For the concert, the students have creatively turned the poem into music, conveying a meaningful and powerful message to the public. 

Also, UCSI’s own Colin Ng (blind student), will be performing “Chariots of Fire” with his band. This will truly bring music to a whole new level – with personal expressions and intonations not usually added by the average person. In addition to that, there will be a harmonica trio performing a popular tune taken from “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”. 

The trio has won numerous awards, locally and internationally for their talented performances. The concert will also feature a guitar concerto by some of the staff. 

Preparations had been in full swing, with rehearsals and individual performers practicing hard to make the event a success. According to Elizabeth Lou, Head of the School of Music at UCSI, “It is a monumental team project with in-depth planning, coordination, design, management on and off stage, including sound and lighting.”

Of course, it is important in events such as these to keep the main objectives in mind. “The concert is to give the opportunity to students to expose their musical talents for the benefit of the disabled, and to the community at large,” said Lou. “It is held in conjunction with a bigger event to give encouragement to the disabled by our joined efforts, and also play our part in the community.”

Admission is by donation. Proceeds from the concert go towards the purchase of disabled wheelchair motorbikes for Beautiful Gate Disabled People Caring Centre.

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