Kuala Lumpur, 01 December 2003 - What better way there is to experience life on a wheelchair than to go on one yourself!

To show that he could make it, even Professor Lai Hoi Chiaw, Vice President of Academics at UCSI (University College Sedaya International) took some time off his busy schedule to participate in the Wheelchair Game and Fun.

Professor Lai’s attempt moving about on a wheelchair was an experience in itself. “Being a normal person, we have to learn to identify with the disabled people, in order to understand their difficulties,” he enthused. "This is very much part of education. We never know, one day, we might even need end up being disabled ourselves.”

He said, it has always been a tradition for UCSI students to develop empathy for the underprivileged community. “We want our students to be top quality graduates with a heart,” he said. 

In an event organized by the UCSI Applied Science Association, in conjunction with International Disability Day on December 1, students were able to experience first hand the difficulties a disabled person has to go through being permanently wheelchair-bound.

First Year Applied Science student, John Lim said the experience he has gained organizing the event is invaluable. “It gives me some exposure about the challenges that a disabled person has to face having to move about on a wheelchair,” he said. 

Lim added that being wheelchair-bound a whole lifetime is not a joke. “It makes us think about the mobility of the disabled person. We hope with such exposure, UCSI students will know how to treat the disabled people better and with greater respect,” he said.

Earlier, the disabled people from Beautiful Gate Disabled People Caring Centre also performed some dances on the wheelchair. 

36-year-old Carol Rasiah of Beautiful Gate also took the opportunity to share with students her experience being a disabled person.

UCSI alumnus, Colin Ng Soon Beng also performed a few pieces including Gymnopedie No 1 by Satie, Waltz TZ in a Minor (by Schubert) and Moonlight Sonata, to pay tribute to the residents of Beautiful Gate for their courage to face the odds in the world.

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