31 Smiths Portfolio Showcase

  • Start:   24 Aug 2018
  • End:   30 Aug 2018
  • Venue:   UCSI University, iMus Foyer (Block G)

This portfolio project driven exhibition is a showcase of work by Final Year Undergraduate students of the Institute of Creative Art and Design (ICAD), UCSI University. It is a collection creative artworks from 31 young and enthusiastic individuals majoring in Graphic Design, Multimedia, and 3D Animation.

The term ‘Smith’ is fittingly chosen as the theme and title of the exhibition. Traditionally, it describes the qualities of design, skill, and knowledge of persons working with metal, especially one who shapes metal by hammering or shaping as in a blacksmith. And to the extent of designing and decorating such as a silver or goldsmith.

Whereas in the present day urban context and meaning, the name ‘Smith’ is a symbol of craftsmanship, skill, beauty, innovation, and general badassery. Sexy, loyal, strong, creative, and protective of their kind, of which how the students think of themselves.


Launching Day
Date: 24th August 2018
Time: 11am – 7pm

Open to All 
Date: 25th, 27th – 29th August 2018
Time: 9am – 6pm

Date: 30th August 2018
Time: 9am – 3pm