Animation comes to life at UCSI’s 3D Animation Graduation Showcase 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: UCSI University’s De Institute of Creative Arts & Design (ICAD) recently held the 3D Animation Graduation Showcase 2016 where the works of 16 students from the BCA (Hons) 3D Animation Design programme were showcased. 

Held at Content Malaysia Pitching Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the showcase was attended by industry professionals such as Hassan Abd Muthalib, a self-taught artist, designer, and filmmaker as well as representatives from Silver Ant PPI, Mirayi Animation Studio, and Royal Selangor, to name a few. Other attendees included families and friends, fellow students and staff of ICAD. 

The event was officiated by Prof Dato’ Dr Ahmad Zainuddin, UCSI’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and International, and Director of ICAD. 

In his opening speech, Dato’ Dr Ahmad spoke about the trending approach in education called ‘gamification’ and how it would benefit the students and future generations of the creative field. 

“Gamification has tremendous potential in education,” he said, addressing his graduating students. “When you leave the University, this is one of the branches you can venture into. I believe you have the potential to design games and educational materials that can be used to enhance non-game contexts and boost student motivation and engagement in the classroom.” 

The showcase of the students’ projects highlighted their stereoscopic artistry, creativity, and technical accomplishments. 

From concept to completion, the students were given 14 weeks to produce a 3D animated film that ran from three to five minutes. 

According to one of the graduating students Ng Li Shin, apart from the technical challenges of creating the animation, they also had to ensure that their story worked. 

“Everything in our animation was made from scratch and my partner and I simultaneously worked on different aspects of the project, from beginning to end. It definitely was not easy to complete it within 14 weeks especially when we had to make sure that we had a good story to keep the audience is engaged. But I’m glad we made it.” 

She also added that the project certainly gave them a very exciting production experience aside from learning how to keep their team organised. 

Commenting further on the event, Dato’ Dr Ahmad said a showcase like this serves as a testament to ICAD’s educational excellence. He also said that it exhibits the students’ understanding of what they have learned throughout their studies at the Institute. 

“Success stories and design projects such as this show how our lecturers inspire, engage, and prepare the next generation of designers, innovators, and creators. And the students have worked so hard to bring their animation to life. This showcase certainly exhibits not only their passion but their understanding of the principles of body mechanics, weight, character arc, acting techniques, and emotive elements that add life and originality to their characters,” he said.