Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Abdulaziz Majeed Al-Talib

Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Abdulaziz Majeed Al-Talib

Research Impact:

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Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Abdulaziz Majeed Al-Talib


Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Mechanical Engineering 
MSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest
Solar Water Heating and Thermo-fluid Solar systems
Renewable and Sustainable Energy From Foot Steps
Composite Materials and Recycling Waste Plastics
Professional Bodies

  1. Member, Iraqi Engineers Bureau
  2. Chartered Engineer (CEng)


Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: CERVIE Research Grant Scheme
    Funder: CERVIE
    Project Title: Foot steps as a source of sustainable energy
    Code: Proj-In_FEABE-003
    Durations: 1 year (Sept. 2011 - July 2012)
    Role: Principal Researcher
    Amount: RM 5000
    Status: Closed
  2. Name of grant: Pioneeer Researchers Internal Fund (PSIF)
    Funder: CERVIE
    Project Title: Recycling of plastic wastage in compliance with the SDG's.
    Code: Proj-In-FETBE-050
    Durations: 2 years (1st. Sept. 2018 - 31st.Aug.2020)
    Role: -
    Amount: -
    Status: -


Current Research Project

  1. Master of Philosophy Research Supervision ( Experimental and Numerical Study to reduce Coolind Load of the Wooden Room in Tropical Climate).
  2. Industrial Ph.D research Supervision ( Development of Industry 4.0 Architecture for a Smart Restaurant by Empirical Approach)
  3. Final Year Projects on coconut fibers to produce composite materials from recycling plastic wastage.


  1. Development of a Footstep Power Generator in Converting Kinetic Energy to Electricity. 2018 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment Engineering (REEE 2018)
  2. Matlab Design and Power Analysis of MPPT Controller for Solar PV Using Perturb and Observation Algorithm. Jouurnal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 24(11):9001-9005 · November 2018.

Award and Recognitions

  1. Award the "GOLDEN MEDAL" in the Research, Innovation & Commericialization Exhibition, 16-17 March 2006, FOYER PHASE 2B, UPM, Malaysia.

Network and Collaborations on Research

  1. Collaboration with MODU Systems Engineering for an Industrial Ph.D Study

Contributions to Society

  1. Judge for the ITEX Compettion for the last 7 years 2012-2018
  2. Member of the National Kidney Organisation / Malaysia ( Paying monthly donation)