• Geomatic & Concrete Lab

    Geomatic & Concrete Lab

    This lab is equipped with all the necessary surveying equipment. Students use this equipment for land surveying, and analyse data collected during assignments. Students can also do engineering evaluations and experiments to test the qualities of building materials like concrete and other cementitious materials here.

  • Power, Machine & Control Lab

    Equipped with state-of-the-art electrical machines, this lab allows students to run experiments related to electrical power systems, conveyor belts and high voltage energy.

  • Material Science & Petrology Soil Mechanics Lab

    Material Science & Petrology Soil Mechanics Lab

    In this lab, students can develop further knowledge of materials structure, properties, performance and its processes by producing, transforming, and analysing materials. Students can also do experiments to process, test and determine soil properties here.

  • Thermo Fluid Lab

    Thermo Fluid Lab

    The lab allows students to conduct research in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Students can also study a variety of complex engineering issues, such as electronics cooling, nanofluidics, micro-flow control, and bio-inspired fluid dynamics.

  • Control, Instrumentation Pneumatic & Hydraulics Lab

    Control, Instrumentation Pneumatic & Hydraulics Lab

    In this lab, students can study the profiles and properties of water in an open channel flow, and learn about pressure testing and flow control. They can also conduct experiments and learn about control on rotating conveyor belts.

  • Instrumentation Lab

    Instrumentation Lab

    This laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment for teaching and research development. The equipment includes atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), UV-VIS spectroscopy with desktop computer, nano zeta sizer, titrator and tensiometer.

  • Petrochemical Lab

    Petrochemical Lab

    This lab has the necessary equipment for analysis and characterization of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, which students can use to conduct testing and research in the areas of air and water pollution. The equipment available includes a viscometer bath, flashpoint tester, seta oil test centrifuge, rotary evaporator, colorimeter, jar test, and turbidity meter.

  • Industrial Chemistry Lab

    Industrial Chemistry Lab

    This lab is equipped with all the necessary measuring and analytical instruments for teaching and experiments, especially in chemical engineering. The equipment includes a water bath, oven, furnace, hotplate, and stirring hotplate.

  • Advanced Chemical Laboratory

    Advanced Chemical Laboratory

    This laboratory has all the equipment for aspiring chemical engineers to conduct physical and chemical processes (fluid flow, heat and mass transfer). The equipment includes a PC-controlled and data logging system, a gas chromatography with a desktop computer, gas absorption demonstration unit, tubular flow reactor with a desktop computer, refractometer, continuous distillation column, batch reactor and CSTR in series.

  • Drilling and Material Science Lab

    Drilling and Material Science Lab

    The laboratory is designed to provide students with exposure to both macroscopic and microscopic analysis. It is well equipped with filter press, mixer, viscometer, grinder, polisher, hardness tester and emulsion stability mater. Students who are taking Drilling Engineering and Element of Material Science courses will be involved in experimental work in this lab.

  • Robotic PLC Micro-Processor Lab

    Robotic PLC Micro-Processor Lab

    This lab allows students to enhance their knowledge in programming and control of hardware. Students can also do various robotic experiments and use virtual reality software installed in computers for the simulation and study of various tasks.

  • General Labs

    General Labs

    Equipped with all general lab apparatus, these labs provide the ideal training ground for undergraduates of the Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Communication & Electronic Engineering degree programmes to conduct experiments for projects and assignments.