Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed W. Muhieldeen Al-Gailani

Mohamed Al-Gailani

Research Impact:

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Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed W. Muhieldeen Al-Gailani

Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Mechanical Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest
Thermal Comfort
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Heat Exchanger
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Professional Bodies

Iraqi Engineers Association


  1. PhD Thesis Entitled: Passive Strategies to Cool Building and Terraced House in Tropical Climate by u sing thermal insulation (on-going).
  2. Master Thesis Entitled: Polyethylene Single Bubble Insulation Capability in Reducing Cooling Load of a Lecture Hall (Completed). 


  1. M. W. Muhieldeen, N. M. Adam, D ato’ E lias S alleh a nd B. H. Salman, Polyethylene Single Bubble Insulation Potential Reducing Cooling Load of Lecture Hall in Hot at Humid Climate. Under review in Energy and Building Journal (Elsevier Site).
  2. B.H. Salman, M.Z. Hamzah, J. Purbolaksono, J.I. Inayat-Hussain, H.A. M ohammed, M.W. Muhieldeen, Determination of Correlation Functions of the Oxide Scale Growth and the Temperature Increase. Engineering F ailure A nalysis Journal 18 (2011) 2260 – 2271 (Elsevier Site).
  3. M. W. Al – Gailani, N. M. A dam, Passive Strategies to Cool Terraced House in Serdang. HRC Na tional Affordable Q uality Housing C onference (NAQH), 11 -13 M arch, 2013 (Under Review).
  4. M. W. Al - Gailani, N. M. Adam1, Ahsanul. K., A. Drive, L. K. Moey, W. N. C hung a nd C . L . Lim, Characterization of Temperature Distribution and Thermal Comfort for Canteen at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Energy M anagement in Development Countries Seminar. (20.12.2012).
  5. M. W. Al - Gailani, N. M. Adam, Ahsanul. K., A. Drive and Lim CL, Potential Saving Energy for Canteen Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang. Energy Man agement i n D evelopment Countries Seminar. (20.12.2012).
  6. M. W. Muhieldeen, N. M. Adam, Dato’ Elias Salleh, S. H. Tang, Hr.Ghezavati, CFD Simulation on Use of Polyethylene Single Bubble to Reduce Radiant Heat on Lecture Hall. International Advanced of T echnology Congress ( ATCi), PWTC, M alaysia. November 3-5, 2009.
  7. M. W. Muhieldeen, N. M. Adam, Dato’ Elias Salleh, S. H. Tang, Q. J. Kwong, Student Behavior That Leads to Energy Abuse at A teaching Institution in Malaysia. 9th SENVAR + 2nd ISESEE 2008, humanity + technology, FSPU, UiTM, Shah Alam, Malaysia, 1-3 December, 2008.