Assistant Professor Dr Teng Kah Hou
Research Impact:
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Assistant Professor Dr Teng Kah Hou

Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering
Deputy Director, Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement

Academic Qualifications

Dual-Ph.D. Heat Transfer (Mechanical Engineering)
Bachelor or Engineering (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical)

Areas of Interest
Fouling and Fouling Mitigation
Fluid Mechanics
Heat transfer to nanofluids
Ansys Fluent
Electromagnetic wave sensors
Non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E)
CST/COMSOL Multiphysics

Innovation of Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) for Sustainable Energy – Completed 

Retardation of Heat Exchanger Fouling by Using Catalytic Materials - Completed 


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2019 International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’19), 14-15 March 2019, St Cross College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom – Oral Presentation 


2017 19th International Conference on Smart Sensor and Information Engineering (ICSSIE – 2017, London, United Kingdom) – Oral Presentation 


2nd Annual LJMU Graduate School Research Conference – (2017, Liverpool, United Kingdom) – Runner-up for poster competition – Poster Presentation 


2015 International Conferences on Business, Economics, Energy and Environmental Science (ICBEES 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Best paper award. – Oral Presentation