Foo Fang Ee

Assistant Professor Foo Fang Ee

Head, Academic Collaboration & Industrial Partnership

Academic Qualifications


Areas of Interest
Human resource management
Talent management
Organizational behaviors
Organization development
Change management
Supply Chain Management


Current Research Project

  • Determinants of employee turnover intention: From internal relations perspective (collaborate with MBA student Wong Wei Key) (on-going)
  • Mobile Taxi: A new revolution in the Taxi Industry? (Completed: 2017)


Research Grant (Internal)

UCSI University Pioneer Scientist Incentive Fund (PSIF)
Title: Mobile Taxi: A New Revolution in the Taxi Industry
Code: Proj-In-FOBIS-004
Amount: RM17,610
Year: 2017


  1. KB Ooi, FE Foo, GWH Tan, JJ Hew, LY Leong (2020). Taxi within a grab? A gender-invariant model of mobile taxi adoption. Industrial Management & Data Systems 121 (2), 312-332.
  2. KB Ooi, FE Foo & GWH Tan (2018). Can mobile taxi redefine the transportation industry? A systematic review from the consumer perspective. International Journal of Mobile Communication 16 (3), 341-359.
  3. Othman, R., Fang Ee, F., & Lay Shi, N. (2010). Understanding dysfunctional leader-member exchange: antecedents and outcomes. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 31(4), 337-350.

Contribution to Society

  • Reviewer for Personnel Review (2015)
  • Program Assessor for Diploma in Business Administration, UCSI College (2017)

Mentor/ Coach for Competition


  • Asia Business Case Competition 2018
    (Organizer: Nanyang Technology University; Venue: NUS, Singapore)
    Result: Semi-finalist (opponents: University of Toronto, University of Otago)
    Case: Energo Labs in Southwest Asia – Persevere, Pivot or Perish
  • HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Case Study Competition 2017
    (Organizer: Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong University; Venue: HKU, Hong Kong)
    Result: Semi-finalist
    • Case semi-final round: Starbucks China: Managing Growth through Innovation
      Opponent: City University of Hong Kong
    • Case 2nd round: Facebook: Facing Off Against Tencent
      Opponent: University of Colombo
    • Case 1st round: Wealthfront: Buried or Breakthrough? The Story of a Robot Investment Advisory Company
      Opponents: University of Belgrade, National University of Singapore



  • HSBC-Enactus Case Study Competition 2018
    (Organizer: Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Malaysia, Enactus; Venue: Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur)
    Result: Semi-finalist
    • Case semi-final round:
      Nike versus New Balance: Trade Policy in a World of Global Value Chains
      Opponents: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Taylors University
    • Case 1st round:
      Go-Jek in Indonesia: Seizing Digital Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid
      Opponents: International Islamic Universiti Malaysia, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


  • HSBC-Enactus Case Study Competition 2017
    (Organizer: Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Malaysia, Enactus; Venue: Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur)
    Result: Champion
    • Case final round: BitGold: Turning Digital Currency into Gold
      Opponents: Management and Science University, Multimedia University, Heriot Watt University
    • Case semi-final round:
      Opponents: Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    • Case 1st round: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc
      Opponents: Universiti Malaya, Sunway University, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Business School


Research Grants

No. Name of grantFunderProject TitleCodeDurationRoleAmountStatus
1.Pioneer Scientiest Incentive Fund (PSIF)UCSI UniversityMobile Taxi: A New Revolution in the Taxi IndustryPROJ-In-FOBIS-00412 monthsPincipal InvestigaRM17,651Completed
2.Research Excellence & Innovation Grant (REIG)UCSI UniversityOptimiazation & Development of a Spirulina-based Home-learning Kit for Integrated STEM LearningREIG-FOSSLA-2021/01924 monthsco-ResearcherRM42,600On-going


Current Research Project

  1. Supply Chain Management and Competitive Advantage