Assistant Professor Ir. Dr. Kanesan A/L Muthusamy

 Ir. Assistant Professor Dr. Kanesan A/L Muthusamy

Research Impact:

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Assistant Professor Ir. Dr. Kanesan A/L Muthusamy

Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Qualifications

PhD Engineering
Master Engineering
BEng Mechanical

Areas of Interest
Overall Equipment Effectiveness and IoT
Water filtration membrane design
Operations Management
Total Quality Management
Engineering Management
Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Current Research Project

  1. Applicatino of IoT in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measurements
  2. Devenement of new membrane design for water filtration

Contributions to Society

  1. EAC Accreditation Senior Panel/Evaluator
  2. MQA Accreditation Senior Panel/Evaluator
  3. Principle Inteviewer for IEM and BEM Professional Interview