Research Impact:
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Assistant Professor Teoh Chee Keong

Deputy Dean | School of Architecture and Built Environment

Academic Qualifications

MArch, CYCU, Taiwan (2005) 
BArch, CYCU, Taiwan (1999) 

Areas of Interest
Architecture and Pedagogy (Community Architecture & Design Pedagogy )
Cultural Studies ( Heritage Conservation & Urban Studies and Design )
Problem-Based Learning

  1. 2013, Kuala Lumpur Chan She Shu Yuan Dilapidation Survey
  2. 2011, Taiping Shuk Tak Clan Association Ancestral Hall Dilapidation Survey 
  3. 2005, Master Thesis: Urban Development of Kuala Lumpur under British rule


  • Evaluation of Activities, Spaces and Architectural Elements in Houses of Worship that encourage Social Inclusivity across faiths for Nation Building in Malaysia: Mosques and Churches in Kuala Lumpur (2020-2021) 




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  • 2020 Taoyuan, University Social Responisibility 

  • 2020 TaiChung, Asian Network of Industrial Heritage, Youth Participation Collaborative Design & Strategic Partnership in Heritage Conservation’. 

  • 2020 Chennai, Saveetha Institute of Design and Architecture, Pedagogy and Community Engagement in Architecture Education 

  • 2020 Kajang, DongZong, Community Engagement in Education 

  • 2019 Taipei, Architectural Education Forum, Re-envioning new village.  

  • 2019 Kampar, Tin Mining Festival, Kinta Tin Mining Heritage 

  • 2019 Putrajaya KPKT Conference, Livable and Sustainable Future Development: New Village Vision 

  • 2019 Kuching, PAMSC, Preservation by Collaborative Design 

  • 2018 Bangkok, ASA, Architecture Education and Cultural Conservation in Malaysia 

  • 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malayan Consciousness and Recognition 

  • 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Tedx Petaling Street, Public Space 

  • 2014 Taipei, Asian Route of Industrial Heritage:  The cultural landscape of Kinta Tin Mining district. 

  • 2014 Taipei, Architecture for people: Third world Aesthetic 

Awards and Recognitions

2015 QS Stars Award Reimaging Eduation - Shortlisted