Associate Professor Dr. Crystale Lim Siew Ying

Associate Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology

Deputy Dean | Department of Biotechnology

Academic Qualifications

PhD Molecular Medicine
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences

Areas of Interest
Antibiotic resistance and biological responses
Tumorigenesis and eukaryotic quorum sensing
Gene expression profiling
Behaviorial genetics in addiction and autism spectrum disorder

Research Grants

  1. Name of grant: Kotra Pharma Sdn Bhd (private sector research fund)
    Funder: Kotra Pharma Sdn Bhd
    Project Title: Isolation And Identification of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Detection of Major Viruses from Primary Care Patients with Acute Pharyngitis (sore throat) in the Klang Valley
    Code: Proj-In-KOTRA-FAS-001
    Durations: 2017-current
    Role: Lead researcher
    Amount: RM 154,000
    Status: Ongoing
  2. Name of grant: MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant 2015
    Funder: Toray Science Foundation, Japan (international research fund)
    Project Title: Enhanced Laccase Stability through Nanodispersion for Recalcitrant Dye Effluent Treatment
    Code: RA1200 (TML-CA/15.205)
    Durations: 2015-2017
    Role: Co-researcher
    Amount: RM 20,000
    Status: Completed
  3. Name of grant: Pioneer Scientist Incentive Fund 
    Funder: CERVIE, UCSI University (internal research fund)
    Project Title: Manuka propolis as a potential anti-pathogenicity quorum sensing inhibitor of Gram-negative bacteria
    Code: Proj-In-FAS-023
    Durations: 2015-2017
    Role:  Lead researcher
    Amount: RM 25,000
    Status: Ongoing
  4. Name of grant: Bioactive compounds RGS sub-cluster research grant 
    Funder: CERVIE, UCSI University (internal research fund)
    Project Title: Investigations of Termitomyces heimii and Lignosus rhinocerus extracts and laccases for bio-bleaching and quorum-sensing inhibition
    Code: Proj-In-FAS-021
    Durations: 2013-2016
    Role:  Lead researcher
    Amount: RM 133,000
    Status: Completed
  5. Name of grant: Bioactive compounds RGS sub-cluster research grant 
    Funder: Malaysian Cancer Council-National Academy of Sciences (government research fund)
    Project Title: Farnesol, a eukaryotic quorum-sensing molecule, as an inhibitor of HeLa cell proliferation via telomerase deactivation
    Code: FAS-EX-MAKNA-001
    Durations: 2012-2014
    Role:  Lead researcher
    Amount: RM 25,000
    Status: Completed
  6. Name of grant: L’Oreal for Women in Science (FWIS) National Fellowship from L’Oreal Malaysia-UNESCO (private research fund)
    Funder: L’Oreal Malaysia-UNESCO
    Project Title: Morphology switching and quorum sensing in Candida albicans pathogenesis
    Code: N/A
    Durations: 2005-2007
    Role:  PhD researcher
    Amount: RM 15,000
    Status: Completed

Current Research Project 

  1. Modulation of Neurite Outgrowth in Human Model Cell Line by Lignosus Rhinocerotis Subcritical Fluid Extract 
  2. G-I-Y Spirulina Media Kit: A Green Approach for Spirulina Cultivation
  3. Antibiotic Resistance in the Community: Study on Primary Care Patients with Acute Pharyngitis (sore throat) in the Klang Valley
  4. Modulation of Cellular Proliferation and Differentiation with Eukaryotic Quorum Sensing Molecules 
  5. Modulation of Biosensor Gene Expression in Vibrio fisheri and Chromobacterium violaceum in Response to Small Molecules

Research Idea

Do you have a research idea? Let's explore one that sparks joy together!


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  2. TJ Ng, MYM Teo, DS Liew, PE Effiong, JS Hwang, CSY Lim, LLA In. Cytotoxic and apoptosis-inducing effects of wildtype and mutated Hydra actinoporin-like toxin 1 (HALT-1) on various cancer cell lines (2019) PeerJ 7:e6639
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  1. EduTECH Asia 2019, 4-6 Nov 2019, Suntec City Convention Center, Singapore. Invited speaker: "Teachtechtalk" Title: “ From Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Life Science is the 5th Industrial Revolution”
  2. 29th Malaysian Society of Neuroscience (MSN) Annual Scientific Meeting, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Invited speaker Title: “Extracts of Tiger Milk Mushroom Attenuate Hydrogen Peroxide- and Amyloid Beta-induced Neurotoxicity in Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line SH-SY5Y.”
  3. Education Investor Global Asia Summit 2019, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Invited panelist. Title: “Overview of EdTech in ASEAN countries”
  4. Infectious Diseases Forum 2018, 28 Oct 2018, Doubletree by Hilton, KL. Invited speaker. Title: “Strep throat or sore throat: Antibiotic appropriateness among general practitioners in the Klang Valley”
  5. EduTECH Asia 2018, 8-10 Oct 2018, Suntec City Convention Center, Singapore. Workshop trainer. Title: “Gamification for Higher Education” & Tertiary Leaders Forum Discussion Panellist. Title: “Making a case for experiential learning in higher education”
  6. 7th International Conference on Bacteriology &  Infectious Diseases, 4-5 Jun 2018, Osaka, Japan. Keynote speaker. Title: “Strep throat or sore throat: Towards good antibiotic appropriateness practices among general practitioners”
  7. 5th Annual NGS & Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress 2017, Singapore. Invited speaker. Title: “Antibiotic resistance & the microbiome: Microbiome species identification platform wars-The challenge of anything & everything when you have nearly next to nothing”
  8. UTAR Symposium on Science Education 2017, UTAR, Selangor. MTSF-Toray Invited speaker. Title: “Back to basics - Making science fun again: bridging high school and university”
  9. Inaugural Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Scientific Meeting 2017, UTAR, Selangor. Invited speaker. Title: “Major respiratory viruses associated with sore throats: Reducing the pain of viral load determination via real-time PCR”
  10. Infectious Diseases Forum 2017, Equatorial Hotel, Penang. Invited speaker. Title: “Antibiotics and sore throats: Major viruses and antibiotic resistance of bacteria isolated from primary care patients with acute pharyngitis (sore throat) in the Klang Valley”
  11. Infectious Diseases Forum 2017, Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Invited speaker. Title: “Antibiotics and sore throats: Major viruses and antibiotic resistance of bacteria isolated from primary care patients with acute pharyngitis (sore throat) in the Klang Valley”
  12. Genomic Applications of qPCR, dPCR & NGS 2016, National University of Singapore, Singapore. Invited speaker. Title: “Quantitative real-time PCR of respiratory viruses in throat swabs: microfluidics vs nanofluidics”
  13. Infectious Diseases Forum 2016, Sunway Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Invited speaker. Title: “Of sore throats and normal throats: profiling of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the Klang Valley”
  14. 5th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Asia Congress & 3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress 2015, A*STAR, Singapore. Invited speaker. Title: “Gene expression in live cells - are all cells created equal?”

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Science Education Award (Runner-up Prize) 2016. Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF)
  2. Ford Conservation & Environmental Grant 2014. Ford Motors Malaysia.
  3. John David Williams Memorial Award 2013. International Society of Chemotherapy.
  4. MAKNA Research Grant Award 2012. Malaysian Cancer Council-National Science Academy.
  5. Bronze Medal (first author): Invention, Research and Innovation Exhibition (PRPI) 2009, UPM.
  6. L’Oreal for Women in Science National Fellowship 2006. L’Oreal Malaysia-UNESCO
  7. Young Researcher Award (Molecular Biology) 2006. 15th Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MSMBB) Scientific Meeting, Malaysia.
  8. Malaysian Patent PI 20097018 (2009) myIPO-Universiti Putra Malaysia. Compositions and Method of Cell Wall Disruption for Subsequent Preparation of Nucleic Acids
  9. Invited interviewee for IM4U Dre1m Fund 2017 on, 10 Aug 2016.  
  10. Featured in Green is the Future (New Straits Times) 27th September 2015 Learning Curves pg1-3
  11. Mentioned in Research Success for Academician (The Star) 19th May 2015 StarSpecial pg12
  12. Mentioned in Improving Lives at UCSI (New Straits Times) 15th August 2012 Supplement e3
  13. Mentioned in UCSI Students Build Homes with Recycled Drink Packs (The Star Online - Nation) 30th April 2017 
  14. Appeared in an article featuring  UCSI and Yayasan Generasi Gemilang (Nanyang Siang Pau) 12th May 2015 Supplement C3
  15. Appeared in an article featuring Health Awareness Campaign (China Press) 3rd May 2015 Central C10
  16. Appeared in an article featuring Organizing Health Awareness Campaign (Sin Chew Daily) 1st May 2015 Nation pg39 

Contributions to Society

  1. UCSI EcoCampus (2018-current). Initiator together with UCSI Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).
  2. CAREton [email protected] University aka [email protected] University (2013-current) Initiator and supervisor, UCSI University-Tetra Pak Malaysia & Nestle Malaysia. Establishment and maintenance of a student-run collection and awareness project at the Faculty of Applied Sciences under the Tetra Pak-Nestle Malaysia CAREton Project umbrella that recovers used beverage cartons for upcycling into roofing tiles for underprivileged Orang Asli (Malaysian aborigine) homes.
  3. CAREton [email protected] University. EPIC Homes Builder Volunteer, 12-14 December 2014, Kg Hulu Tamu Orang Asli (Indigenous People’s Village), Hulu Selangor.
  4. CAREton [email protected] University. EPIC Homes Builder Volunteer, 23-25 September 2016, Kg Orang Asli Serendah (Indigenous People’s Village), Hulu Selangor.
  5. iM4U MyUniRocks! 2015 People’s Choice Award (RM5,000 project grant) and RM5,000 project grant from IM4U Dre1M Fund 2017. Guided CAREton [email protected] University to win these awards/grants as student team supervisor.
  6. CARE4Life Health Campaign (2014-2015) Technical advisor, UCSI University (SAA)-iM4U. Advise and train FoAS and FHMS student volunteers on conducting free health screening tests (blood glucose, blood cholesterol, urine, blood pressure, body mass index) and health consultation for low-income communities.

Professional Affiliation

  1. International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID) - member American Society of Microbiology (ASM) – postdoctoral member
  2. Malaysian Society for M olecular Biology & Biotechnolog y (MSMBB) - member
  3. Golden Key International Honour Society – member AIESEC UPM Chapter - member