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Associate Professor Dr Elango Natarajan


Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Additional Role:
Deputy Director, Praxis, Industry and Community Engagement

Academic Qualifications

Post Doctoral Research Soft Robotics
PhD Mechanical Engineering
MEng Computer Aided Design CAD
BEng Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest
Composite Materials
Optimization of Machining parameters and AI,
Soft actuators and Bio medical applications
Finite Element Analysis (CAE), Engineering Design
Professional Bodies

  1. Senior Member, IEEE 
  2. Secretary, IEEE/Robotics and Automation Society, Malaysia.
  3. Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council, UK.
  4. Professional Review Interviewer, IET, UK.
  5. Graduate Member, Board of Engineers, Malaysia.


I have secured research grants worth of RM 829,320, in which projects worth of RM 367,625 was successfully completed. Since I joined UCSI, I have been successful in securing RM 506,820, in which RM 269,900 from Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Malaysia (2014-2022) and RM 236,920 from UCSI University Research Grant Schemes (2016-2022). I was unsuccessful in securing grants from Ministry of Malaysia for three times (2017-2022).

Successful grants since joined UCSI University

  1.  Synthesis of High Strength Polyurethane Nano Composite for the development of Prosthetic Hand (Ref: YSIF-2015-000033) Grant amount RM 24,450. Academic year 2016-2018.
  2. Investigation on Machinability and Fatigue life of PEEK/CNF composite for Bone Plate Applications (Proj-In-FETBE-044) Grant amount RM 20,675 Academic year 2017-2019
  3.  Investigation of finger musculoskeletal pinching motion using soft McKibben actuator with machine learning adaption (Ref: FRGS/1/2019/TK04/UTM/02/41) Grant amount RM 129,500, Role Co-Investigator. Academic year 2019-2022.
  4.  A New Formulation of General Fuzzy Automata with Outputs Associated with the Transitions · (FRGS/1/2019/STG06/UTHM/02/1) Grant amount RM 43,600, Role Member. Academic year 2019-2022.
  5. Investigations on structural integrity of PEEK/CNF for bone plating application (Ref: FRGS/1/2018/TK05/MAHSA/02/1) Grant amount RM 96,800, Role Co-Investigator. Academic year 2018-2021.
  6. Reduced Cutting Force, Surface Roughness and Tool Wear Prediction in Machining Titanium Alloy (REIG-FETBE-2022/018). Grant amount RM 46,800. Role Principal Investigator. Academic year 2022-2024.
  7. Mechanical and Electrical Resistivity Properties of Conductive Filler Reinforced with Devulcanizing Rubber/Polypropylene Blends (REIG-FETBE-2021/014) Role Co-Investigator. Grant amount RM 45,220. Academic year 2021-2023.
  8. Synthesize and characterization of ecofriendly MXene added bio-lubricants with enhanced properties (REIG-FETBE-2022/019) Grant amount RM 49,900. Role Co-Investigator. Academic year 2022-2024.
  9. Development of high-speed response AGV robot for project-based education purpose (REIG-FETBE-2022/022) Grant amount RM 49,875. Role Co-Investigator. Academic year 2022-2024.


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Award and Recognitions

  • Best research article, IEEE/ROMA International Conference: Design and development of a robot gripper for food industries using Coanda effect (2018).
  • Outstanding IEEE Volunteer Award, IEEE/RAS Malaysia (2019, 2021)
  • Outstanding Medium Chapter Award for IEEE/RAS for 2 consecutive years of 2018 and 2019, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019
  • Top Researcher Award, UCSI University (2022)