An Award To Remember

An Award To Remember

In the recent Private Education Excellence Awards 2019, director for UCSI’s Centre for Languages, Margaret Soo Boon Yoke received the National Outstanding Educator Award - Highly Commended. The awards ceremony was held to recognise the contributions of educators in the private sector.

According to Margaret, “It was a humbling experience being given the ‘Highly Commended’ award as I least expected it; all I knew was I had been shortlisted as a finalist.”

As to what the award meant to her personally and academically, she said, “Personally I am honoured and grateful, academically I am conscious of my need to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of English language teaching – our learning never ends.”

“The glory goes to UCSI University – I believe our good work did not go unnoticed.  At UCSI our work never seems to end so being recognised by the PEEA in some ways motivates me to stay relevant and be resilient,” she added.

To her, the teaching profession is indeed noble and emotionally satisfying where one must have passion for the job and humility in learning from others.

Personally, Margaret has come a long way in leading the Centre of Languages. Her team consists of enthusiastic teachers who want the best for their students, who work conscientiously to ensure that students receive the value they come for: quality education. 

To cap it off, Margaret had this to say: “I give thanks to those who nominated and believed in me, and I give thanks to PEEA for choosing me as the winner.  Like I said – it’s a humbling experience!”

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