Best Paper Award Presented to Tey Wah Yen

Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Built Environment’s lecturer Tey Wah Yen received the Best Paper Award conferred by the Technical Committee of International Conference on Aviation Technology and Management 2018 conducted at Sri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 13th September 2018.

He received the Best Paper Award for the submitted conference paper entitled “Numerical Modelling of Convective Wave Using Fractional-Step Method”.

This award is an international recognition from the conference’s technical committee to acknowledge the substantial research contributions of Tey in the Computational Fluid Dynamics field.

“This award is also a motivation of the higher inspirations of myself and my team to push the boundaries of engineering knowledge, specifically in Computational Fluid Dynamics, through vigorous research activities,” said Tey.

The research work was supported by one of Tey’s final year project students, Jared Tze Hou and the conference itself was supported by USCI’s Centre of Excellence of Research, Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CERVIE).

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